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3 Tips for Finding Balance Between SEO and Design on Your Website

by | 9 November, 2020 | SEO

Perfect Balance SEO and Web Design
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the skill of writing content in such a way that makes it more likely, by using keywords or key phrases, for your content to come up in a search. Website design, as well as for visual appeal, is to make it more convenient and more accessible for visitors to find what they need.

While both of these skill sets are essential for a business’s marketing success, they don’t smoothly go hand in hand. While web designers are focused on ensuring eye appeal, they can often take away from the content. And while SEO experts seem to require wordy material, too much text doesn’t make for an excellent design to include crucial keywords.

So, the question at hand is: how can business owners and managers achieve both excellent web design and efficient SEO content simultaneously? These few tips could help you and your team find this balance.

Search Engine Optimization For Websites

Team Collaboration

Unless you’re a tiny, one-person show type business, chances are you have two separate workers, or possibly a team, for these two skill sets.

These teams should be working together to achieve a balance between SEO and design. While your SEO team may insist on including all these keywords and phrases, your design team shivers at the thought and insists on minimalistic design.

The truth is, one takes away from the other. The best way for your team to solve this conflicting problem is to join forces, share their expertise, and decide on an excellent medium to ensure maximum search results and excellent design quality.

To ensure these teams work together to achieve this balance, it would seem best to set up regular meetings or develop a private chat or email chain to collaborate continuously.

Less Is More?

In design, this may be true. Modernly, people don’t usually care for the over-the-top décor on their computer screens. While some flare and uniqueness catch their eye and piques their interest, in reality, they’re on your website to find some information and get some questions answered.

Finding the medium between design and SEO technically requires less of both, but not so much wherein the site’s visitors are getting frustrated with vague phrasing and lack of organization.

To enhance your SEO, you should be focusing on your most widely sold and used services or products, but touching upon others as well. For example, if you’re a bakery specializing in cookies, focus your SEO on cookies, but make sure to include information on the cupcakes you provide.

This strategy will reduce word clutter, leaving room for appropriate web design.

Readable Design

Recent studies show that people are more commonly searching in the way they talk, requiring SEO to transform from more formal, direct “keywords” to more conversational “key phrases.”

If your company takes on this new SEO style, this will limit your content’s wordiness because it will require more precise wording. With words limited, design can be focused on order and eye appeal.

SEO Tips to Improve Your Website
With your business collaborating to achieve critical phrase SEO while being strategic and limiting wordiness, it can lead to a perfectly organized, visually appealing website.

If you want to learn how to balance SEO and Web Design on your website don’t forget to check out the free MASTERCLASS that we have prepared for you.

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