Becoming the Talk of the Town Through SEO from Top Results Consulting

SEO for your site can not only help it on a global scale but also positively improve its success on a local level. Top Results Consulting has a few tips on how to make sure your business is a staple in its community, and to help those who are looking for a brick-and-mortar store where they can access what your company offers and find your site when searching online. These simple factors can make a world of difference and lead your business to become synonymous with its locale. 

Address the Need for an Address

Allowing a search engine to autocomplete when typing in the name of a business will frequently prompt the “near me” phrase to show up, and for a good reason. For example, open up Google Chrome and search the word “businesses” without hitting enter. Sure enough, “near me” is on the list of top results. Link your website to an address. Use SEO to achieve a higher chance of showing your site on the top results, which allows for new users to access your site. Plus, it increases traffic to your website, when customers learn your business is local. It is a simple enough process that has enormous benefits, and we recommend any company with a physical location link their website to it.

Branching out to Social Media

By creating accounts for your business on multiple social media platforms, you are giving search engines more ways to provide your business with traffic. Similar to the previous point, it is essential to keep that address updated on these social media sites. Using sites like Facebook can help search for key terms related to your business and prompt more results in the local area of the user who is searching. Having social media pages also allows for ease in spreading information on your company’s location and website link, since people can use their instant messaging systems to spread the words about your business. Wendy’s social media has long been relevant for its presence, and humorous interactions on Twitter, and has managed to make an impact and become part of a new trend of businesses using a human voice to advertise their websites, albeit in a witty manner. reports chronicle some of the significant moments on Wendy’s Twitter account and reflect on how it has affected the business’s success in the public eye.

Reviewing Your Business

Customers feeling that their voice is being heard is essential to maintaining a strong relationship with them, and even leads to the acquisition of more customers as well. Encouraging those who use your business to post reviews creates an opportunity for discussion that boosts your SEO. One reason is that now more terms are associated with your company, and searches looking for reviews will tie to your business’s social media and website pages. Another excellent reason for having users post reviews on your site or page is that it shows the everyday person that your business is open to feedback.  You are willing to listen to those who are the foundation of your business’s success because people need to be heard, and your business receives free advertising. There is always a chance for negative reviews, but interacting and having a discussion to resolve a problem with the users who have these reviews can lead them to change to more positive reviews if handled well.

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Ready to take your businesses marketing game to another level? Every business should know about the 5 secrets to non-stop leads.