Beyond SEO: Learning The True Benefits of Backlinks

If you own and operate a website, you know how important SEO is to breaking through the noise of your competitors and draw in valuable traffic. It’s likely that you have even taken the time to research the various SEO tips and tricks that promise to deliver results quickly. 

Unfortunately, as websites have become increasingly savvy at forcing their optimization to reach the top of the search engine charts, many are missing the bigger picture of holistic digital marketing. No tool is more abused in the world of SEO than the backlink.

Backlinks: More Than Meets The Eye

A backlink is a great way to drive traffic to your website from another location on the internet. The process of earning a backlink from other sites can be incredibly difficult, and only the most valuable backlinks can truly help you boost your SEO potential. 

Yet, there are many benefits to backlinks that make this process a great way to boost your site’s potential outside of just SEO. Learning these other benefits may help convince you to put in the time and effort to grow your backlink library – even if your SEO doesn’t go through the roof immediately!

Referral Traffic

Much more than increasing your SEO, a backlink is a direct way for website traffic to reach your site. Referral traffic is a fantastic benefit to backlinks, as you will begin to draw in visitors from other websites through your links – helping boost your own traffic and conversion rates.

Brand Recognition

The more you appear across other websites, the more brand recognition you will enjoy. Continually earning backlinks across other sites – especially those in and near your industry – will help build your brand recognition as site visitors continue to see your name appear in links across their favorite websites.

Building Authority

A backlink shows that the owner of a website trusts your content as worthy source material for whatever their post or content is related to. By linking back to your website, you will enjoy the benefit of building brand authority that shows visitors to other sites that you are trustworthy and offer a unique value to their visiting your site.

Building Relationships

Outside of growing your own brand reputation and authority, the process of earning backlinks is a great way to network with other brands and website owners. As you show other sites that your content is backlink-worthy, you will build strong, long-term relationships that will benefit your site for years to come.


Simply put, the more backlinks you earn across various websites, the more those sites will begin to operate as proxy websites for your brand. The more backlinks you can earn, the more passive promotion you will begin to enjoy through other websites. 

Discover More SEO Potential With Top Results Consulting

As you can see, there is more than meets the eye with the average backlink. In fact, by expanding your understanding of backlinks and other SEO tools, you can begin to better implement each to meet unique goals for your business. 

One of the best ways that you can learn more about SEO and how to better implement various SERP strategies is with a team of experts that have years of experience helping websites thrive in highly-competitive online arenas. At Top Results Consulting, our team of SEO experts are trained in helping businesses and brands create personalized SEO strategies that focus on far more than simply gaining as many backlinks as possible.

With Top Results Consulting, you can trust that your website will be boosted to effectively draw in new traffic and convert high-quality candidates by utilizing powerful tools in the most efficient ways. To learn more about how you can best use backlinks and other SEO tools for your website and digital presence, contact our team today!

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