Getting Technical With Technical SEO

When it comes to understanding how proper SEO can revolutionize your website, you will need to pull back the curtain on how SEO operates, and learn more about making your technical SEO effective.

Website SEO is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your website reaches online users who are searching the web for your unique content, products, and services. However, when it comes to understanding how SEO operates and impacts your website’s performance, few understand the technical side of the system. Learning a bit more about technical SEO, and how to ensure that your site is utilizing SEO properly, can take your website leagues beyond your competitors. 

What Is Technical SEO?

So what is technical SEO, and how does it differ from our traditional understanding of search engine optimization? In essence, the definition is found in the name: technical. Technical SEO takes optimization beyond the content phase to the nuts and bolts of your website. Instead of simply focusing on keywords, content, and phrases, technical SEO takes a look under the hood of your website to ensure that the operational side of your site encourages higher search results. 

For example, common technical SEO will consider your website’s page load speeds, the ease of navigation, responsiveness, and more. The more optimized and high-functioning your website is for the user, the more likely that your site will reach the top of the list of search results. With technical SEO, you will spend more time fine-tuning the “on page” optimization of your website rather than simply focusing on the various ways that your site functions “off-page.” 

Benefits of Investing In Technical SEO

Is technical SEO really worth the investment? The short and long answer is: absolutely! 

As the digital marketplace continues to grow and evolve, websites and other web-based content continues to fill up every corner of the internet. To ensure that online users access the best and most high-quality content, search engines are increasingly looking for ways to adapt their algorithms to look beyond the superficial and highlight quality websites in their results.

Think of it in the reverse. If you are looking for a particular website, product, or service, wouldn’t you prefer that the top search results be filled with high-functioning websites that help you find what you are looking for quickly? Of course! 

As search engine bots crawl the web and search through websites, they are increasingly looking at the technical side to determine the rankings of sites. By investing in the technical SEO of your website, you can help guide SEO bots to reach your site faster, and increase the chance that your site reaches the top of the list. Here are a few of the top technical SEO considerations:

  • Fast and responsive pages
  • Mobile-friendly content
  • Crawl-bot index files. (robots.txt, meta robots tags, etc.)
  • Active and spam-free backlinks
  • Site security
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Structured Data

The above and more can help you increase your technical SEO and encourage search engines to select your site above others in your industry as top-spots in result lists. 

Optimize Your Technical SEO With A Team

Technical SEO can quickly become overwhelming. If you don’t have a strong background in web development or SEO, you may feel out of your element when it comes to ensuring that your SEO is optimized properly. Sometimes it can help to have an experienced SEO expert in your corner to help you reach your full potential!

At Top Results Consulting, our team of SEO-trained experts have the experience necessary to help you build and implement technical SEO optimization.To learn more and speak to an expert, contact our team today!

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