Top Results Consulting’s Ways to Change Your Website for 2020

Top Results Consulting urges those who have websites for their businesses to consider some of these significant factors that can affect your site’s success in the 2020 digital climate. Maintaining an updated and relevant website to the current times can help a business keep a large number of customers they have online without fear of them leaving due to outdated website design. Here are a few changes any site can make to keep its current users, and also further expand to new users visiting the site.

Mobile-Friendly Is a Must

For your website to keep up with the demands of consumers in 2020, it is paramount that your site is usable and programmed for mobile devices. reports that last year 52.2% of searches were done on mobile devices. Optimizing your website for mobile device usage is an effort to make sure that half of your user base has a comfortable experience on your site and is a tactic to maintain user retention to keep your website relevant in the coming year. Mobile devices are closer to supplanting the need for desktop computers. It’s a natural choice that your site is ahead of the curve on this fast-increasing trend, which has, over the past decade, referenced 2013’s benchmark measurement of mobile users in the article.

Prepare for Flash Players Removal

With the inevitable removal of Flash Player from all web browsers, this December reported on; your website may experience some trouble adapting. Be prepared for this effect on your graphics, videos, and other interactable components of your website, and look to have those who code it make sure that any files on the site are not dependable on the Adobe Flash Player. This action may take some extra effort by way of web design and coding, but the benefit is an early one, and having your website ready for December helps you gain a smooth transition to a Flash Player devoid site, where users do not have to struggle with the aspects of your website that would have been affected during the active removal of Flash Player.

Prompt Email Sign-Ups

This factor may seem strange at first due to the number of complaints any business or website can receive regarding the emails sent as being “spam.” Still, considering that those who use your website and sign up on it are actively searching for content your site provides, it is essential always to offer users a quick and easy method of signing up for newsletters and email notifications. By keeping your user base updated and integrated, you can keep your repeat visitor numbers up, and allow easy access to gaining new visitors.

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Ready to take your businesses marketing game to another level? Every business should know about the 5 secrets to non-stop leads.