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Using Content Marketing to Attract Clients

by | 16 November, 2020 | Content Marketing

Attract Customers With Content Marketing
Content marketing usually brings to mind things such as blogs, articles, and social media posts. However, though it includes all these forms of disbursement, content marketing is essentially a plan to use content to gradually and strategically build a strong and trustworthy relationship with your clients. It seems pretty simple, right? A pond seems easy enough to swim across until you’re reaching the middle and already out of breath. Don’t drown in the overwhelming aspects of content marketing. Here are a few tips to understand how to approach this market strategy to produce more business.
Content Marketing for your Website

Utilize Multiple Platforms

As the cool kids say, social media is all the rage these days. (Or they say something like that). No one can deny the usefulness of social media when it comes to marketing services and products. Old or young, people are using social platforms to communicate with the outside world, especially in the COVID pandemic and quarantine time. Create a page for your business on different platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most growing and widely used platforms currently, so make sure your company is on each. Different people use different platforms, so dependent upon what type of services or products you provide, do some research and understand what type of audience you need to appeal to on each platform. All these platforms seem too intimidating to balance all at once? If you can afford a social media coordinator, that may be the way to go. There are also sites such as Hootsuite that conveniently cluster your platform accounts and allow you to post directly from that single source.

Humble Promoting

Once you’ve established yourself on different platforms, it’s time to start promoting your business. The best way people do this to capture new customers’ attention and keep them coming back afterward is to promote special offers and constantly be filtering out helpful, and relevant information. But don’t overdo it. People don’t want to be bombarded with constant posts regarding the same special offer and deals available that they’ve scrolled by a dozen times while on their lunch break. Please step back and allow them to think about the offer, perhaps go back to it, and sit on the decision. Perhaps let one offer go to the expiration before trying another promotional marketing strategy. This strategy will allow your potential client to consider the initial offer and then give them another that might better suit their needs.

Small Investments Pay off

Good content requires good writing. Any minimalistic, generic writing can get the message across. However, writers skilled in SEO-based content, paying for longer articles and blogs, and encouraging conversational toned content can mean all the difference in how people approach your content. Recently, it’s been found that people are more interested in longer, more casual pieces that provide reliable, and factual content.
Importance of Social Media on Content Marketing
One more thing to consider when utilizing content marketing is encouraging constructive commentary, followings, and likes on social media. This success, along with these other strategies, will make you more appealing and trustworthy. Don’t forget to check our free MASTERCLASS to get more information about how to attract clients by using a well-developed content strategy.
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