About Us

Who is Top Results Consulting you ask? Well let me tell you a story.

Everyone knows the stress entrepreneurs have on them. The pressure to make money, generate leads, track financials, network and build relationships and even be the janitor. But don’t forget that at the end of the day they still have their responsibility on the home front. Meanwhile, that same entrepreneur is being told their idea isn’t good enough or they will never succeed. Before you know it, they are thinking this is 100% true.

Shawn and Roger were no exception. Over the last 10 years. Each of them had these same thoughts. So what changed?

Both Shawn and Roger came to experience the power of a team in each of their businesses. Having a solid and reliable team of experts to take that burden away was the key to their success.

After years of building businesses individually. Supporting each other and continuing to bring valuable information and skills to each other’s corner. Shawn and Roger had built their own successful businesses. For many entrepreneurs does it get any better? Most would say that they had reached the top of the mountain. Not Shawn and Roger, this was just the starting point.

You see, the more they got to know each other, Shawn and Roger came to realize the drive for what they do was very similar. They both enjoyed seeing other entrepreneurs break past the areas in business that were holding them back. Seeing others achieve the business goals they wanted to and being able to share in a piece of getting them there. Helping entrepreneurs break away from the crowd of competition or become seen both online and off. Watching them create lead flows to their business that was more than that business owner could handle meant more than any dollar figure they were paid.

Shawn is a successful real estate developer and owner of a thriving property management business. Over the years Shawn had worked with other entrepreneurs as they were in the early stages of developing their business. He has been invited to speak all over the United States at major entrepreneur conferences and seminars, to share his story and processes. Shawn is also the published author of the book “Fortifying Your Mind” . A book focused on the five key battle tested leadership tactics any business owner can use to increase productivity. In Shawn’s book, he mixes his combat experience as a United States Marine and years of business experience to create a foundation anyone can execute.

Shawn’s specialty is in the art of focusing a business message on their ideal client. Knowing who your ideal client is and exactly how to get the correct message in front of them has been the number one factor in the success of his businesses. Shawn takes his experience, mixed with tested and proven process to dial in the exact audience your business should be talking to. Ever feel like your marketing just returns crickets instead of the answers you hoped it would? As Roger says “Shawn knows how to get your business talking to humans in a way they resonate with.”

With over 8 years of experience working in web development and digital marketing, Roger is a well rounded technology enthusiast and entrepreneur. As owner of a successful digital agency he has a proven track record of helping businesses establish a strong online presence to better amplify their message across the internet to reach their ideal customers. Although his formal education and professional experiences have prepared him in areas of leadership, management and customer service, among other skill sets, his core strengths continue to be in web development and search engine optimization (SEO). With a love for technology and a deep passion for helping others, Roger continues to strive toward creating affordable digital marketing services and products for entrepreneurs looking to leverage technology to reach their business goals.

Outside of the office, Roger enjoys spending time with his wife Alicia and two daughters Lucy and Riley. An interesting fact about Roger is that he is a military spouse that is proud to support his wife 100% as she continues to pursue a successful military career as a United States Naval Officer.

In addition to being a driven entrepreneur, dedicated husband and father, Roger also donates part of his time to mentoring individuals looking to learn more about digital marketing through his internship program.

In 2019, Shawn and Roger decided to join forces. Offering an unmatched service they call Top Results Consulting. Together their clients have an unfair advantage over the competition. With Shawn focusing on the message your business wants to say, Roger focused on ensuring that message shows up when your ideal client needs to see it. It’s the one two punch your competition will be left wondering what you’re doing to gain all the business in the marketplace. Ready to experience Top Results? Schedule a complimentary discovery call today.