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Effective Content Strategies for Maximum ROI

Your business website should do more than just sell a product or service. These days, a good marketing strategy tells a story that engages users and convinces them why they need your products. This is where our content creation and marketing services for your website come in.

Content marketing is what creates the foundation of your brand and how your audience sees your presence. With tens or hundreds of competitors online, what makes your business the exceptional choice that users have to pick your products or services? This is the question you answer with the right content strategy.

We write convincing and engaging pieces of content designed to get your audience thinking in every stage of their buyer’s journey while also optimizing your SEO. With a monthly output of 35,000 words across 50 campaigns, we understand what works – and that is informative and meaningful content.

So, whether you’re writing informative content, creating content for lead generation, or sending out emails in the hopes of drawing old customers back, our forms of content are purpose-driven, unique, and tailored to your needs.

Content for lead generation

Versatile Content Creation for Any Purpose

Top Results Consulting is fully equipped with a persuasive team of writers and the latest writing, editing, and proofreading tools to publish online content catered to your target audience. We can provide various types of content to meet your marketing strategy’s needs, including the following:
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Blog Posts

For on-page content that establishes your business as an authority figure in your field or off-page content that points readers to your website. These blog posts are fully-optimized, informative, and engaging to your target audience.

Service Page Content Creation

We’ll revamp your website content to be SEO-optimized while marketing your products and services. Get your visitors from the homepage to checkout with persuasive content.

Marketing Content

For single-page websites that are looking to drive leads, this is the perfect option. Focus all your content marketing efforts on getting users to pick up their phones and call.

Press Releases

Announce the latest product releases, promotions, and special deals from your business with PRs.

Content Marketing

Why Our Process Works

Top Results Consulting has a tried and tested process working with many businesses over the last few years. We make sure we fully understand your business and what you expect from our content marketing services to ensure we deliver the right results.

Step 1: Intake Call

We’ll get on a call with you and understand your business, your goals, and the current state of your website’s content. This can help us understand what we’re working with and how to write your content to match your vision.

Step 2: Content Creation

Our team of writers create content using SEO-approved keywords and data gathered from our intake call. The type of content we create matches your given content strategy.

Step 3: Tweaks and Revisions

We won’t publish the content pieces until you’re satisfied with it. We allow up to two rounds of revisions so that our content pieces matches your business’ tone and branding.

Make Your Website Your Best Asset & Sales Rep

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Together, we can write compelling content that can convert website visitors into paying customers. . Customizable packages are available for businesses that want to break the mold and explore multiple ways to reach out to potential customers.