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The Power of Backlink Audits (And How To Do One)

by | 26 October, 2020 | SEO

The Power of Backlinks

Backlinks – when used properly – can be an incredibly powerful tool for helping you build your website traffic and increase your engagement. As a great SEO optimization tool, backlinks can help you build brand recognition and SEO ranking by linking your site’s content to other websites around the web.

However, simply having links connecting back to your website may not be enough. Different backlinks offer a varying degree of SEO success, depending on their source and style. If your backlinks are broken or hooked to low-quality sites, then your overall SEO ranking may suffer. If the backlinks find themselves flirting with spam sites, then you can kiss your SEO ranking goodbye!

Basics to completing a successful backlink audit

How To Perform A Backlink Audit

If you want to ensure that all of your backlinks are working hard for you and your website, it can be helpful to complete a backlink audit on your entire website. A thorough backlink audit will help you get a glimpse of all your current live backlinks, and get a feel for which ones are operating at their full potential.

You can perform a backlink audit manually, or you can utilize many available tools that will help you crawl the web for your current backlinks and rank their SEO effectiveness. If you find that completing a backlink audit seems overwhelming, an experienced digital marketing team like Top Results Consulting can step in and help you complete your audit quickly.

If you are interested in what a backlink audit entails, here are the basics to completing a successful audit:

  • Capture and collect all of your current backlinks across the web, finding all locations where your website is currently connected to other sites.
  • Check each link to ensure that they are currently pointing to live websites, and make sure that the final location matches the URL
  • Update any outdated information and disavow any links that lead to spam sites.
  • Clear up any outdated affiliate links that may be connected if you are working in an affiliate realm.
  • Calculate your backlinks with an SEO ranking tool to ensure that your links are effectively promoting your site.

When done well, you can begin to build a consistent and concise library of your backlinks, and get a clearer understanding of how your current backlink strategy is working for your site.

Take The Stress Out Of Backlink Audits

Depending on your website’s size, history, and complexity, you may find that you have varying amounts of backlinks to audit. With many active backlinks, the right team can help you audit them quickly. Too few? An experienced team can also help you develop a backlink strategy that boosts your site’s SEO power.

At Top Results Consulting, our developers will help you complete a thorough backlink audit for your website – helping you optimize and boost your SEO potential. Take the headache out of a manual backlink audit with a team who has been in the business for years! To learn more about this and many other SEO tools, contact Top Results Consulting today.

working backlinks for your website

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