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How To Get More Interest In Your Offer: Filling Your Pipeline With Real Leads

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At some point, you need to take the marketing a step further and make your client subscribe, so you can get the clients’ contact information. In most cases, the subscribe stage is accomplished with a lead magnet, which is giving something for free to the client. Another way of explaining a lead magnet in simple terms is to be an ethical bribe: “Hey I have this value and I can give it to you for free, but I need to get your email or phone number”. Then, after giving them the information, send them a thank you email. Marketing uses psychology and you want to keep your potential customers’ attention. As a business owner, how do I leverage a lead magnet? It all depends on the content and context of our business. Here are 10 ways of providing a good lead magnet to your audience:

Mini ebook (5-7 pages) or full-blown ebook (10-30 pages)

If you like to sit down and type and your audience likes to read. Write about a certain type of area of your service in a specific location.


You can create a video guide or written guide. This can be the guide on how to create a specific task in your industry.

Bonus Pack

Create videos and give resources in what to do before investing thousands of dollars in your business.

Resource Guide

Make resource tutorials for your clients. YouTubers have resource guides and create a lot of traffic on their Youtube channel.

Check List

This is a way of pre-digesting content to your clients if they need to follow a process step by step. You can give a part of the process or explain the entire process. If you give your clients a part of the process, the idea is to get them started with the process and, then, have them contact you to finalize the process.


This is a great resource if you run events.

Case studies

If you have done business with a client and that person had massive success or had great results through you, you can do a case study and offer that for free.

The Secret

Record a masterclass on how to make a specific product or service in your industry. If you use the word “secret” everybody is going to get curious about what you have to offer.


You can create a series of detailed videos about a specific topic.

The Cheat Sheet

You can make a short document giving away some quick answers.
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