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In this episode of WebBuzz, Roger and Shawn talk about a topic oriented towards the Customer Service team in your business: Customer Engagement. A lot of business owners need to look at different customer engagement strategies because as technology shifts, businesses are more dependent on websites, your clients are going to be online. Thus, customer experience is going to vary between in-person and online. In the online sales world, digital customer engagement is post-sale. The new marketing is what happens to the customer after you have done business with them.

As we have gotten better with technology and a lot of helpful tools have been created to get messages to the masses, we are forgetting quality in these messages. Unfortunately, social media engagement has been stripped down to deliver “just enough” to the customer. Prospective clients look for valuable and quality information on a page website and if they don’t find the information they are looking for, then move to the next company. Top Results Consulting (TRC) has been in front of this new wave. TRC improved customer service and delighted customers in their journey resulting in 45-50% business growth.

7 Rules of Customer Engagement


Target customer profile

Who am I marketing to? Who is my “avatar”?

Make the first impression count

Marketing is nothing more than high level business dating. If you make that first impression count, they will continue to be engaged.

Make the extra effort to know your customer

Get to know who they are, ask questions and make them feel welcome. Remember this to increase customer engagement, design the experience or website for your customer, NOT FOR YOU!

Practice behavior based messaging

You can build a chatbot that only shows up in a certain page on a website, you can make it very specific for different content, such as social media, blogs, SEO, deepening silos, and interlinking. In that way, we can give the prospect client what they are looking for and it is based on their behavior (what they are looking for on that website’s specific page). But remember, for good engagement, ask the right questions! The wrong question can deter the client.

Knowing what drives your customer

We look at it as a journey, you can’t get into this until you know what your customer wants. If you know your customer, you can provide the correct content to make them react a certain way. It’s all based on data, you need to collect your data before you get this step.

Learn from your mistakes

Learn from the feedback from those unhappy customers who were not excited to work with you. We should never assume that everything is going to be perfect. How are you going to get out of the hole you dig yourself into? Many times, you need your team or resources to help you out. Don’t be a lonely wolf!

Pay attention to your team

We are always talking about the clients, but we need to talk about your resources. The team that is helping the customer is the face of the company; thus, business owners need to make sure the employees have good training and share our core values, so they can represent the company as desired.
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