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How to Drive More Organic Seller Leads Online?

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The purpose of Omnipresence is to drive leads. But you need to know the best methods and strategies to be omnipresent. In this video Shawn and Roger Introduce 3 co-pillars that helps you to be omnipresent among your potential customers.

Organic is the best and most effective way to generate more leads. Your website plays a major role in organic leads . If the website is SEO optimized and content optimized , your target audience will be able to get most out of it. As well, they’ll call/message back to you for your service.

Paid method gives a boost to generate your leads. You can use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google ads,  Pinterest etc. If you have a Brand Recognition out there, it tends your ads to rank higher in those platforms. But It’ll cost a lot of money and once you stopped paying you’ll lose the lead generation.

Email Marketing is still one of the best method to generate leads. Even your email receivers are not using your service, they are ,seeing your emails frequently. If one day they needed your help, they’ll get back to you. Also they may mention your brand with another if anyone else need your service.

At the end, conversion is the most important thing in omnipresence. To have more conversions, it’s important to have good Brand Recognition and good reviews as well. So work on that and with all these you’ll be able to generate more leads.



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