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What is E A T: How To Optimize For It In 2021

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In episode 8, the E-A-T acronym is explained so that listeners can improve ranking their respective rankings on search engines. Google uses the E-A-T criteria to deliver credible information to web users and to make decisions to rank your website well or not. Expertise, Authority, and Trust of digital content is crucial for SEO purposes because it will naturally lead to more credibility from the author of the content creator.

One of the strategies mentioned is to create a personal biography to seem more personable. Most of the time, online customers trust more people than companies, and this will help boost your credibility. Another place for improvement is that most of the companies do not have an “About Us” page, which serves the same purpose of the personal biography, but for a company.

While working on a personal biography will help improve personal brand, creating content (writing blogs) of highly credible websites will help to create traffic to your personal website. If writing is not a well-developed skill you have, being a guest on popular podcasts will definitely help the audience get to know you.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about the different strategies to meet Google’s criteria on credibility and tools used by the Tech Giant to always improve its search engine for better results.

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