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How Top Results Consulting’s Content Strategies Improve SEO

by | 1 March, 2021 | SEO

It is one thing to build a website or create a company blog. It is entirely another thing to get the webpages discovered by search engines. To actualize this, you might have to seek professional help. Undoubtedly, making your page visible to search engines will bring you more value than online campaigns. However, Top Results Consulting has been one of the major pioneers of this movement. We will definitely help you out if you contact us. That said, we will be giving you some tips that can help you rank higher on search engines and optimize the accessibility of your marketing campaigns.

How to Improve SEO of Your Brand


Encourage Visitors To Search For Your Brand

When you notice your business is growing, it is advisable to increase the share of unbranded searches coming to your website. These are keywords that aren’t specific to your brand, but they may be relevant to your business. For example, if you were a power-washing company located in Manhattan, you would want to be ranked for a search like “best power-washing companies in New York.” While the name of your company isn’t included in this search, you would still want your company to appear in the search result.

Update Your Content

Search engines frequently bring up-to-date algorithms and refining their tools to offer better search results for users. This means that your content can become outdated after some time, and the keyword research that you did when you first created the content may change as search engines update over time. The importance of regularly updating your content cannot be overstated. For this reason, it is advisable to regularly update your content, so you can watch its performance and ensure it continues to rank high on search engines.

Analyze Keywords Beyond Search Volume

When analyzing keywords, it’s easy to decide to go for the ones with the highest search volume and prioritize keywords with the most potential traffic. However, it is advisable to look beyond the search volume and consider the intent of the keyword. This will help you to know the type of content you should create.

Prioritize Internal Linking

It is easy to grow organic authority just by publishing content consistently. In the same way, it is easy to fail if you don’t consider where to publish it. And this can affect your growth as your site gets bigger. To avoid this setback, it is vital to audit your internal linking structure and recognize different sections of content that should be connected together. Adding links between internal pages helps search engines understand which content is related to one another and the keywords that these pages are targeting. It can also help Google to index new pages faster if they are linked from the right pages.

Form Strong Relationships With Your Developers And Designers

As you continue to grow your online presence, you may find out that your SEO team is working closely with your web developers and designers. Although this is expected. Don’t forget that the way your content is designed and maintained significantly influences SEO.

Work With Us at Top Results Consulting and Let’s Help Improve Your Online Presence

SEO is vital to establishing a brand’s presence online and building trust amongst customers. At Top Results Consulting, our SEO services are structured to help increase online presence and drive business to your website. We have helped lots of brands with their SEO game. If you work with us, we will replicate the outstanding results our clients commend us for.
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