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Traditional marketing, appealing to the masses, has been the strategy of many businesses for the past years. However, this approach dilutes your efforts when you are a small or medium sized business. Our TRC team realized this early on in the stages of the agency’s lifecycle, so we decided to take a different approach that has helped us grow at a steady pace. Instead of appealing to the masses, we decided to focus on our prospective client.

Why would you focus on a prospective client?

Simple answer, TRC got really good at pleasing one client, the prospective client, and we designed all the resources and every tool to achieve that goal. Of course, constant adjustments were made to achieve that objective, but we always had a flexible mindset to allow us succeed.

What do you do after focusing on a prospective client?

Well, as a small business owner you need to ask yourself: if I make any adjustments, will that please that customer? How can I please them at a higher level? If you focus on customer satisfaction, that happy customer will flood you with opportunities. When that customer is satisfied, you will naturally attract similar customers.

Why would you care so much on customer satisfaction?

Word of mouth. That one person will start talking. People like to make business with people they trust.

How do I bring the digital resources to get there?

The misconception is “I need to be on all social media platforms today.” Feeling you have to do all and do it at a high level hurts business owners. You need to focus on priority, which is your paycheck, not the vanity attention. Now, having discussed that, Facebook is the best option for small businesses. Facebook is like Google, everyone searches on that platform to buy or sell products, so that is your best bet as a beginner.

In this podcast, Roger and Shawn talk about all of the software tools we use in Top Results Consulting to drive traffic to the website and have a good business growth strategy. There are plenty of technologies you can use to develop that strategy, such as HubSpot. Please listen to this podcast to learn more about this topic.

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