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Your Go-To Blogging Strategy For Maximum ROI On Your SEO Efforts

by | 23 October, 2021 | SEO

You’ve got your content ready to be published, but is your blogging strategy for SEO on point? Search engine optimization is a great way to get your business out there, but you have to know how to compete with so many other websites trying to do the same thing.

It’s time to lock down your strategy and make sure it’s as efficient as it can possibly be! We compiled fool-proof SEO blogging tips that can surely get your content on the map.

Read on to discover them:

Make sure your content is mobile responsive

You might be sitting in front of a desktop computer the whole day, but that may not be true for the rest of the population. On average, more than half of the US population has access to content through their phones, and you want to make sure your website is mobile optimized so they can read anything you have posted on the go.

Monitor the creation of your website to always include a mobile-friendly user interface. Internally, you need to regularly check Google analytics to make sure your site is performing well on mobile. Don’t forget to do mobile-only speed tests too!

Do diligent keyword research

As easy as it may seem, you need to do a bit more work into keyword research beyond looking for similar words among articles on the first page of Google. Keyword research is integral for making sure that your article stays relevant and as high up on Google’s rankings as possible, so these words have to be what your audience searches for on the daily.

To help with this, truly using a keyword research tool like SEMRush. What it does is that it analyzes your competition, offers in-depth keyword data, position tracking, on top of other useful features you can take advantage of for your website.

Make your article as long as possible, but scannable

We know what you’re thinking. Do people even read articles that go up to 3,000 words anyway? They may not be able to read the whole thing, but articles like these can turn up 4x more shares, 5x more backlinks, and most importantly, 3x more engagement. The more keywords these articles hit, the better they can rank on Google.

To improve readability, a good technique is to divide your long article into easily digestible sections. This way, your audience can find out what they need to read immediately.

Keep your language friendly and easy to understand

Bear in mind that most of the human population only wants to read when they need to. If something needs to be Googled, they’ll take a quick search, read what they have to know, and move on with the rest of their day.

It’s important to write with humans in mind, and not just search engines. Yes, you do need to hit a certain keyword count, but you also need to ask yourself if actual people would want to read your content. Avoid complicated language, and make sure you’re explaining concepts as easily as how you’d explain them to a friend or relative. A friendly tone is key to great blog writing!

Always use recent data

Google can easily shelf your article if it seems too outdated. Go back to older articles and replace old sources with newer ones. Always make sure that new content bears references from newer articles as well. After all, your audience wants to stay updated with the latest information, and they won’t go to an outdated blog post for their needs.

Keeping your articles fresh and updated with the latest sources can help them track on search engines longer.

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