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Why Creating A Website For Your Small Business Is Essential For Your Brand’s Success

by | 30 October, 2021 | Social Media Marketing

With the rise of social media as the primary means for making sure your business stays relevant, it’s natural to question the importance of a website. Do you really need to look into website development for brand awareness when having followers on Instagram and TikTok seems to be enough?

The answer to this is still a resounding, “Yes!” and we’re here to show you why. Here’s why websites still matter, especially for a small business.

Read on to find out:

You can display testimonials and reviews prominently on your website

When using Facebook, your customer will have to meticulously look for reviews. Same with other platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Testimonials may not appear right away, and you don’t wanna risk not appearing credible if you don’t have them on your website.

Try to feature articles or direct customer testimonials on your website somewhere your audience can clearly see them. This way, you can archive positive feedback in order to attract valuable customers at the same time.

Increase the chances of getting leads

Helping your website stay relevant and optimizing it with tools for search engine optimization can radically improve your discoverability.

You can also run search ads on Google that can help attach your website as the best option for whatever it is they’re searching for. After all, if you’re selling baked goods, you’ll want to be top ranked when they search for the best place to buy a croissant from in their area.

A website can be a landing page for your social media content

Directing customers to your website using call-to-action strategies on social media can drastically improve the relevance of your business.

When discovering a product or brand for the first time, audiences will likely want to be directed to an official website to verify if the service they’re looking for is legitimate. Use ads and organic content on social media to drive site traffic, but make sure your website can handle the heat, too!

A website means your business is here indefinitely

Think of the top companies out there: Apple, Tesla, Amazon, and more. All of these reputable companies have a website, and even if your business isn’t at the same scale as theirs, this doesn’t mean that you can slack off on building one.

Having a website can also help differentiate you from other small businesses who are perhaps only into being open at the moment, but may close any time when the going gets tough. Not only does it make you seem legitimate, but it’s an easy way to tell customers, “Welcome! Thank you for stopping by. I’m in this for the long run, so you can definitely count on me.”

A detailed website saves you precious customer service time

Yes, you will still likely need to bring that one clueless customer through your entire product line before they make a decision, but having a website can mean that you will be doing this less and less.

A trusty Frequently Asked Questions section can easily help clueless customers find the answers they need about your services. If you have the extra budget for it, spending on a chatbot on your website can save you a lot of time answering calls, too! Making sure your website is easy to navigate with everything your customer needs can make the purchasing process a lot better for the both of you.

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