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The Latest Techniques in Maximizing Your Social Media Campaign’s Spend

by | 20 August, 2022 | Social Media Marketing

If you’re using social media to market your real estate business, you probably know what a social media budget is. A social media budget details how much you should spend on your social media marketing efforts through a specific amount of time–whether monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

A social media budget is usually laid out on a simple spreadsheet. When done correctly, it is an efficient way to understand the cost of your social media strategies, as well as a clear indicator of whether or not you are getting your return on investment (ROI) for these efforts.

As each companies’ business goals are different, there is no set standard for how much a social media budget should be. It usually depends on the kind of content you are producing and publishing, as well as your target market on specific social media platforms. If you’re looking to understand what the best budget for your social media campaign should be, you’re on the right page. In this article, you will briefly learn about how to budget your social media campaign as well as how you can maximize your spend efficiently and effectively.

Tips to Maximize Your Social Media Budget

While there is no industry standard when it comes to a social media budget, most real estate companies do have an average spend. According to research, the average spend for a social media budget is around $200 to $350 per day. Of course, this value may increase or decrease depending on the company’s industry as well as the social media platform being used.

How much of your budget is allotted to social media should be influenced by your overall goals for digital marketing. However, budget for content marketing, SEO, paid search advertising, display advertising, and other top-priority digital marketing operations shouldn’t be destroyed. This begs the question, how can you maximize your social media campaign’s spend? Easy–through running paid post boosts or social media ads.

Keep the following tips in mind to get more value out of your social media budget:

  • Invest in diverse content creation
  • Learn the software and the analytics tools that comes with the social media platform (Facebook Business, for instance)
  • Launch paid, targeted social media campaigns
  • Work with influencers or content creators

You’ll have a reliable supply of data to pull from if you currently produce social media reports. If not, doing a social media audit is enough to understand how you’re currently using social media.

Although there is tech that makes social media management simpler and outsourcing is always a possibility, it’s best to have at least one employee on staff who is responsible for managing social media. The day-to-day tasks of creating, scheduling, and publishing social content and ads are merely the most visible parts of the social team’s work.

However, if you’d rather not manage your own social media accounts and would rather leave this to the professionals, then you’re on the right page. Here at Top Results Consulting, we’d be happy to help with social media management for your real estate business.


Top Results Consulting is a company that provides social media services for small companies looking to enhance their online presence by marketing on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you aren’t on social media yet, we can help you create your own page, branch out your social media network, and create a content calendar to keep your online presence relevant and engaging.

Our social media marketing and management services are run by our expert social media team. These creative thinkers can come up with unique graphics and compelling social media copy to keep your social media community alive while still meeting your goals of maximum reach and return on investment. If you’re a real estate company looking for social media services for your business, look no further. We’re here to help.

Top Results Consulting has a tried and tested process working with many businesses over the last few years. We make sure we fully understand your business and what you expect from our social media management services to ensure we deliver the best results. Together, we can help build up your engagement and expand your social media community to reach more potential clients. Interested in our social media services? Give us a call at (818) 600-1850.

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