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Why is video so impactful to your marketing success?

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Marketing in the digital world is always changing. A new resource that prospect clients have adopted is video. According to HubSpot, 86% of businesses in 2020 said that video is a marketing tool they use. 2020 changed the landscape of marketing in different ways, it would be really hard for a business to create a digital presence without using videos. The amount of time the customer prospect spends on video has increased (65% percent of consumers according to HubSpot). Before Covid-19 hit the US, only 46% percent of digital marketing agencies used webinars. Now, 62% of businesses use webinars as a trend to open up another sales funnel. Why? The end consumer is more comfortable buying products or services online.

How can you grab the attention of people who need your help on video?

It’s not always about sales, putting value to your community helps to build your authority and build trust with prospect clients. As a consumer, time is valuable. When you have a video that can explain a certain topic or product quickly and the prospect customer can visually see it, people tend to make buying decisions easier.

Furthermore, time is valuable for you as a business owner. An entrepreneur needs to focus on key questions or key products because you need to maximize your time. In terms of creating authority using videos, there is going to be competition, but it is easier to make higher valuable videos. The value of the video is knowledge, not video production. Value is always #1 in a video!

For beginners, how can I make a video?

Think about common questions clients ask you, look those questions up on YouTube. Watch the top videos to analyze the type of video your competitors are making. This would give you an idea of how your video is going to stand out. Clear knowledge is valuable, the production of the video does not matter as much.

How long should the video be?

The video length should be long enough to clearly answer the question without wasting your time going on tangents. At the end of the day, be you. Be your brand in that video. Cheers to your success!

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