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YouTube, why any brand should be leveraging it?

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In my time as a Top Results Consulting (TRC) team member, I have often heard clients ask questions as “what else can I do to increase traffic on my website if I am already doing everything I am supposed to do on Google?” Well, the answer does not seem pretty obvious at the beginning, but I will break it down for you. Youtube is the video version of Google. Also if you are trying to rank in Google, Google acquired Youtube on November 13, 2006. Thus, you, as a business owner, can imply Youtube is a tool that can be leveraged for your business and, as a result, it should be your next platform in your list after nailing down Google.

In a true TRC fashion, let’s first hit the statistics, so I can convince you about the importance of Youtube:

  • By 2025, 50% of individuals under the age of 32 will not be subscribed to any paid TV platform (cable TV or Netflix included).
  • 60% of people today already say they prefer online video than live TV.
  • 65% of the audience describe themselves as visual learners. Technology users rather watch a video than read a lengthy website page or read a pdf. Basically, it is easier and faster to learn information watching Youtube videos.
  • Almost a billion people visit Youtube every single month worldwide.
  • Youtube videos rank on Google. A popular video can get your Youtube channel and business website on top of the Google search.

Now that I’ve convinced you about how relevant is Youtube and taking into account how a lot of people feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, I propose you get out of your comfort zone and start making Youtube videos for the sake of your business.

How to start?

The simplest way is to answer the 10 most common questions and the 10 most uncommon questions in your industry. The 10 most common questions have the highest search volume on Youtube. In contrast, the 10 most uncommon questions will put you in the spotlight for a niche topic. The niche topics are spectacular to show authority in your business area because it shows the potential client how much knowledge you have. As a result, you will be building trust with your audience. Make sure to use highly searched keywords in your video and, just as important, use those keywords in your title, which should be the question you are answering. In my experience using Youtube, a great feature for a local business is you can localize the video as well, meaning you can put a geographical tag. Localizing your Youtube content will help your local business get recommended to people who are physically near you. I know making videos and posting them online takes time and energy, but no business owner is against free marketing. Look it on the bright side, always drink a cup of coffee before hitting that record button on your cell phone. After some caffeine, your energy will definitely engage your audience.

How long should the video and description be?

The video length should be long enough to clearly answer the question without wasting your time going on tangents. In terms of the description, don’t go cheap on it. You should maximize it as much as possible, so you can interlink your blog posts from your website. You will be creating traffic back to your website in a creative way.

At the end of the day, be you. Be your brand in that video. Cheers to your success!

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