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Why Your Blogs Never Rank

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In this WebBuzz episode, Shawn Tiberio and Roger Valdez talk about the main reasons why your blogs are not ranking on Google and what you can do to solve that problem.

Here are some reasons why your blogs may not be ranking on Google:



There is a such thing as duplicated content, if you copy a blog that is doing good and post it in your website it will not rank and actually there is the possibility that you get penalized for that.


When you write your blog post use an outline to make sure that your blog has continuity and a good structure. If you make an outline you will have a better idea and your message will be more clear for the audience. Think of this like you are writing a story, be as clear as you can!

This also applies for your website. You need to make sure that you have a well-organized architecture of your website and have good interlinking between your page and your posts, that way your blogs will be associated to your pages.

Pro tip: Use titles and subtitles within your content to have a nice structure.



You need to satisfy your audience with quality content, but at the same time you need to satisfy Google, and the best way to do it is by doing keyword research to see which keywords are valuable to Google and come up with a great list of keywords according to the subject of your subject.

Something important to know is to use keywords that are related to your subject.



Your content should teach your prospects how they can get benefits from your services that you are offering. They need to get valuable information from it. Do a google search to check other blogs that talks about the same subject as your blog to give you an idea of how many words you should use.

Note: Add more value to your blog and outwork your competitors, go for the extra paragraph!

Watch this episode of WebBuzz to learn more about this and make your website your best asset!
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