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User Intent vs Search Intent

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Search Intent: What is it?

First of all, the first thing you need to do is outline your content. In the old days, you simply needed to sprinkle keywords around your content and you were good to go. Nowadays, the Google algorithm knows whether your content is well structured and this creates a huge impact on your website.

It is important that your content make sense. Before, Google did not care about that but now it is important to structure it. Put yourself in the user’s boots, and make sure that your content is nice, valuable, and makes sense.

At the end of the day, you need to please the Google algorithm but at the same time, you need to please the reader. You want to make sure that when someone looks at your assets they get valuable information for them. This will give you authority and trustworthiness.

Should I focus on the user intent or the algorithm intent?

This is a tricky middle ground because there are sometimes where you can’t please both sides, and because of this, you need to have a clear goal. It is important that first, Google knows that you exist, that way it will start giving you traffic.

Once your website gets momentum, then it is time to think about the human factor.

My website has momentum, now what?

You need to outwork your competition and give the audience what they want. This is a kind of ammunition. Once you have the resources then it is time to put out there quality content that your potential clients are looking for. If you don’t have resources to offer, then your audience will look somewhere else.

It is important that you understand that your blogs are not everything. You need to study your audience and know where they are, that way you can also start a podcast, optimize your social media, and link them to your website so you can upgrade it and have even more assets in there.

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