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Google Is Changing, Will You Be Ready?

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As we know, Google makes multiple updates over time. Some updates are like this one, but now the algorithm is being enhanced. Things are going to start changing to improve users’ experience. It is important that you take advantage of this new update.

Page Experience Update

Google tries to improve the results of searches to improve users’ experience. As we know, there are tons of websites indexing on Google, and Google needs to determine which ones are the best ones to offer to the users.

Core Web Vital Metrics

In order to determine if a website is good for an audience, Google has these web metrics to evaluate how good your website is.
They will start to impact rankings in 2021. Here are some categories:

  • Loading (This is the speed of the website)
  • Interaction (How well can people interact with the website itself)

FYI: 3.5 billion are conducted on Google 40.000 searches per second. 75% will never go beyond the first Google page. That’s why it is important that you make sure your website satisfies Google’s metrics.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. The number of people that use their phones to navigate the web has increased during the years, that is why Google is paying more attention to the mobile responsiveness of the websites.

How can I be safe?

Make sure you are with a credible agency that knows what they are doing. Ask them questions regarding the hostings they are using and if they know about the core web vital metrics and how your website is following them.

If you are managing your own website, make sure you have the SSL secure certificate, which indicates that your website is secure, otherwise you will lose traffic.

Make sure to put the right content on your website to improve the experience of the users that are visiting your website.
Another thing you can do is to test your own stuff. Make sure to check your website and put in the shoes of your audience. Also, it would be helpful to ask different people to take a look at it, navigate through it and make sure they are having a good experience while they do that. If you do that, you will have a better insight to see what you can improve within your website.

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