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Why Your Business Is Failing At Digital Marketing

In this WebBuzz episode, Shawn Tiberio and Roger Valdez talk and answer some questions regarding digital marketing.

The job of marketing is to build relationships. Now that we are returning to live events, some people may think that marketing may change, but actually, we need to keep building a relationship with clients and use all our available resources to improve our marketing presence.

It is critical to optimize an online and offline presence because there are people looking for you on Google but at the same time, you need to be there answering phone calls, being in live events, and letting people know that you are there, otherwise they will go with the next person in line.

Marketing is changing over the years. That does not mean that the old methods are completely obsolete, that means that we need to keep working on the new trends, evolve, and adapt.

Going to the next level

Another important point that you need to take into account are categories. Think about the yellow pages, if you need a specific service you will search on the category that offers those services, and if you don’t have a category specified, then people may not be able to find you or know if you are offering the service they are looking for.

Besides categories, it is important to give an excellent service so your clients can leave reviews on your website, that way potential customers will see what other people think about the service you are offering.

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