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The Law of Familiarity

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The sales process changes every day because of the advances in technology, and you need to know the importance of adapting to the new methods in order to improve your sales experience and enhance your company.

Phone calls still work at the moment, but if you want to have a solid sales process you need to be aware of the new methods that are available and dominate them.

Levels of Familiarity

There are five levels of familiarity that you need to take into consideration:


Persistent and consistent daily prospect

With this we are talking about calls, emails, voice mails, knocking at doors. These are daily tasks that help to create familiarity with your brand. Nowadays a good way to implement this is by the use of social media platforms.


This is one of the most powerful paths to familiarity. If you have a big promoter of your brand that is happy with your service, he/she can introduce your brand to many people. These can be customer, personal, or professional referrals.


This is so powerful that you would be able to build an entire business around networking when it is done right. You need to go to events where you can exchange knowledge with other people that provide services, that way you can be able to make business with them.

Company and Brand Familiarity

You need to make sure that you have a solid website, solid social media, and a solid online presence in order to turn eyeballs into your business.

Personal Branding

This is a bonus method, this means that people need to be familiar with your name, and if they know you as a person, they will not hesitate to come to you to do business.

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