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What it really means to outsource?

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We need to start looking to consider outsourcing when we need help, and also it is important that the persons you are considering hiring have the same vision as you have.

They are not fully employed but they are full team members. It is important to have qualified people for different areas that at the same time have quality customer service so you can trust them to take care of projects in case you are busy with other tasks.

Within the first three days, you should know if the new team member fits in your team and if he/she does not, it is important that you start looking for someone else and do not get stuck with someone that is not giving value to your company or doing a good job.

Have Your Process Clear

Another important thing to take into consideration is to have your processes clear so when you are looking for someone you can be aware that you are hiring the right person. For each specific task that you have there should be a process.

A great advantage for your process is that you do not necessarily need to know the prospective worker in person. Nowadays we have technology that can ease this process. You can hire virtual assistants or other employees that can work remotely for you. There are several tools that allows this to be possible such as Zoom, Discord, Facebook, etcetera.

People you can outsource:

  • Virtual Assistants
  • Sales Representatives
  • Developers
  • Marketing Workers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Etcetera

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