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SEO Silo Structure – to Rank in Google

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Do you know that Website structure is super important in ranking your website in Search engines such as Google, Bing etc. Without having a proper structure it may be difficult to rank websites in google. So, Silo Structure is the best approach to organize content on a specific topic. In this episode you will learn everything you need to know about SEO silos and website architecture. Maximize your site’s SEO now with proper SEO siloing and interlinking

When you are starting a website it’s one of the most common question that comes to our mind “I have made the website. What’s the next step ? “. So, the next thing you need to find is Topic ideas for the content you are going to write. Let’s say this is the easiest way. Just put one of your idea on google. You’ll get a whole bunch of suggestions under “People Also Ask”. There you’ll have thousands of ideas to generate topics.

Then the most important thing. You need to structure your content very well. This is where comes SILO Structure. With this structure you’ll make a nice interlinking between Pages/Articles. You’ll have a home page and under that the general pages under those articles. With this structure Google will understand the website is well structured and added a proper value on content. There you go!! Your website starts ranking on google first pages.

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