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How to Structure and Optimize Blog Posts to Get Ranked

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How do you structure the content in your website and why it is important? Structuring and optimizing your content is the best support for you to get in front of your ideal clients. When connecting with people, rather than physical networking you will get a huge opportunity to reach people through a digital platform.

How to create the content in your first blog post? The most important skill you have to develop is think like your ideal client when creating the content. And also market your content as you are experienced and expertise in the products or the services you offer. After that, choosing a right topic, wont be a much challenge if you do it right. Pop your title into google and see the results. Do this several times and find the exact topic.

To find topics you can google a keyword.Then go for the people also ask (PAA) results and there you get whole bunch of topic headings for
your blog post and consider adding H1 ,H2 and H3 tags for the blog post in a way to optimize your content.And also you could learn plenty of
value addition features through our video. Also Be patient! It takes time!

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