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Episode five, will wrap up the series and discuss the final steps from the seven-step process that was first introduced in episode two. Step 5 is about web development. After completing the first four steps, you have all this data and you are NOW ready to build and set up your website. The ideal stack, from Top Results Consulting, is called WordPress. WordPress is a free software to build your website. Hosting is where your website lives and the way it serves it up to the internet. Hosting becomes very important. Cheap hosting can be detrimental to your user experience, website and search engine optimization. Shared hosting platforms can also affect your security. For clients at Top Results Consulting, we partner with server companies and have our own set of servers dedicated to our clients. When working on your own, always ask about the programs that the servers have. Remember to not buy the cheapest program. Questions to ask include: Is this a shared hosting? How many people will I be sharing this with? What do you do for security? How much access will I have on my website? Finally, the most important question is: How much support will I get?

Having a well-structured website puts you in front of your ideal client. After your web development is created, you are not done. This is the growth-driven design methodology. Never stop developing your website! Step six is about promoting your brand. Some action items to help promote your brand include: optimizing your personal profile, creating social signals, and looking into local directories where you can create a profile about your business. Social signals are when someone is mentioning your brand. It is important to prime your social media platforms and add your links to your website.

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