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Online Marketing in 2021

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If you want to get through 2021, re-evaluate your online presence, set goals, and consider the inbound marketing process. It is no longer JUST about having a website set up. Social is good, but it is not the end all and be all! Everything that is done for your company, like a website, social media platforms, they all need to connect. Once you set up the foundation of online presence, then you can add on. Inbound marketing is another step and this is the methodology that Top Results Consulting practices. Inbound marketing is more about earning someone’s attention and retaining it throughout the purchasing process. Inbound is a more natural and organic experience. You are able to engage, attract and delight your clients. When your clients are delighted, then they bring you in more clients. As momentum is created at your company, that is when you know that the inbound methodology is working for you. Technology will continue to evolve and continue to feed into consumer’s short attention span. Marketers are faced with many obstacles when trying to obtain the consumer’s attention in a short period of time. It is important that you go through your website as a client and see how the process feels as a client on your website.
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