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Enhance Your Website’s User Experience With These 5 New Features

by | 26 February, 2022 | Business Growth & Strategy

As a result of its relationship with technology, the digital realm provides a showcase for new innovations in animation, interaction, and overall immersion every year. The following new features for websites will show us what to expect in 2022.

5 New UX Features for Websites

All in all, 2022 appears to be a diverse and experimental entry in terms of website innovation. But before we settle into this brave new year, let’s preview the five innovative web design trends you can use for your website, whether you’re designing it on your own or hiring website design services.

#1: Scrollytelling

Scrollytelling is a storytelling form that can be presented on both a page and in an app. With each scroll illustration, fonts, snippets of text, and other elements come to life. As in a video game, the story takes you through a maze of symbols. Even though you can’t change its course, you feel like you’re part of the action.

In 2022, you’ll see scrollytelling on pretty much every popular website. It’s what gets users to read. You can excite them with dynamic texts and cool visuals, allowing the story to unfold in only one page.

#2: Voice user interface

Voice assistance (creating great user experiences through voice control) isn’t a new trend in user experience. What’s new is how it’s evolving. UX design for voice interfaces used to be screen-first, which meant our first and main point of contact was the screen. Thus, voice user interfaces can be glitchy, fail to integrate with apps, or delay when a person should speak, among other reasons.

Voice interfaces and use of voice programs have become increasingly important, and so there is a need for creating a seamless experience between the user and the voice application. That’s why it’s important to consider that experience not just from a screen-first perspective, but from a voice-first one, or at the very least a hybrid of the two.

#3: Micro-interactions

Microinteractions are small changes to user interfaces that facilitate navigating a website or app. These are usually visual or auditory alerts that serve as prompts to the user: they indicate what happened, what action will result in, and what needs to be done next.

With animated interactions, your design will take on new life and keep your users engaged. An important aspect of a designer’s work is paying attention to every detail, as attention to all elements of a design can lead to a positive user experience.

#4: Animated logos

A simple way to reinvent your logo is to go from static to motion. Static designs do not have the same impact as animated designs—they don’t scream “Look at me!” in the same way.

A logo is your trademark, and you can’t change it on print products, but if you animate it for digital, it can be a real attention grabber. While you’re at it, why not create an animated version of your brand name? You can even make it 3D. Facebook did just that with its new 3D Meta logo, which is hard to ignore. It’s a smart way to increase brand awareness and grab attention.

#5: Big text, new fonts

Big text has been a stalwart for a few years, and in 2022 we’ll see it remain a vital part of typography, but we’ll also see italics and underlines added to add a touch of style. Be prepared to see headlines that break from the norm and disappear off the screen—but be smart, they must still be readable.

What about fonts? The typefaces of 2022 are likely to be more open, honest, and laid back, and legibility remains a top priority. Classic serifs will mix traditional with contemporary, quirky vintage fonts will add fun, and simple and stylish scripts will add a touch of elegance. Strong, simple sans will make great headlines. In 2022, choosing the right font will be just as important as ever.

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