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How Websites Can Still Perform Well in a Social Media World

by | 2 March, 2022 | Social Media Marketing

Anyone who uses the internet today knows how big social media has gotten in the past decade. With several social media sites currently popular, with each offering a different experience, it’s not surprising that almost everyone with internet access has a profile on social media.

Businesses have also jumped on the social media train, showcasing their brand and products on their own social media pages. This begs the question “are websites still relevant in a social media world?”

If you’re a company that sells products online, an e-commerce website still makes perfect sense. But what if you’re part of another industry like real estate? Is website creation for real estate still a viable option? Let’s go through the disadvantages and advantages of having a website vs. social media and see the value of having a website for real estate.

Pros and cons of social media

The main reason why many companies choose to go with social media is because it’s free and easy. Any company can easily set up their own social media page and forgo paying for website development services. You won’t need any special expertise in creating your own social media page and, for the most part, will do all the things you might want to accomplish with a website.

With several social media platforms available, a brand can also be present on multiple sites without much additional costs. As online behavior has changed over the last decade, being present on all these sites also helps a business meet their customers where they are, reaching more people and probably getting more leads and sales.

The downside to all of this, however, is that you don’t really own any of your online properties when it’s all on social media. You’re locked into the platform’s rules and features so if a social media site decides to change the way their site works, its search algorithm, or just up and decides to shut down, your business will be left scrambling to maintain its online presence.

Advantages of having a website, and a couple challenges

While the financial disadvantage is clear, it doesn’t mean the money and effort put into website development for real estate isn’t worth it. This is probably the biggest downside of having a website, but it’s heavily outweighed by the advantages.

One of the biggest advantages of having a website is having your own space online that you have complete control of. You can put any kind of content that you want, including any other features that you might want in the site. Whether you want you put videos, games, VR experiences, or other interactive elements can be developed into a website. As the owner of the website, you won’t have anyone telling you that a certain post or a certain idea isn’t allowed on the site.
Aside from the content, you also have complete control over the look and branding of the website, so you can really make it look like your own, so your visitors know who’s behind the website.

Another major advantage of having a website is that it builds credibility. The downside to the ease of making a social media page is that anyone can make one, including illegitimate businesses and scams. Since it takes more effort and some money to create and develop a website, it helps build the credibility of a business and lets people know that your company is here to stay.

Website creation for real estate can be really pivotal in gaining the confidence of clients. A well-designed website gives clients the reassurance that you’re an established company. With the right media and features, you can deliver an immersive online experience that can attract more buyers and sellers to your services.

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