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Planning for the Future: Why Inbound Marketing Is Sustainable

by | 7 December, 2020 | Inbound Marketing

Why Inbound Marketing Is Sustainable
Inbound marketing is a technique used to draw visitors directly to your website and turns them into satisfied customers. It achieves this via several strategies. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a well-known strategy to drive inbound traffic, but several others are also other effective methods.

Inbound marketing is sustainable because it provides value to a potential customer and because it has a long shelf life. Examples are Ebooks and videos which tend to hold their content value over an extended period.

This article will explore what inbound marketing is and is not and why and how it can be sustainable, making it an excellent long-term investment for your online business.

Outbound Marketing: Different from Inbound

Outbound marketing is best exemplified as banner ads and annoying videos that pop up on your screen when you land on a site.
Outbound Marketing Different from Inbound

Inbound Marketing

Creating valuable, visit-worthy content is the goal of inbound marketing. For instance, you may have searched online for information and advice on a project or idea. Using Google as an example, your search brings up any number of links that may or may not be of value to you. You may click several links before you land on a site with helpful how-to videos or written content, which is inbound marketing.

The Why of Inbound Marketing Sustainability

The reason that inbound marketing is sustainable is simple: it provides value to a potential customer. And the value provided lasts because it addresses a need that the potential customer wants to be answered. For instance, look up any recipe on the web, and you will find a plethora of options for that one recipe; and those recipe ideas are as valuable now as they were when first created.

The How of Inbound Marketing Sustainability

Making your marketing sustainable has to do with focus. Who is it, exactly, that is being helped? With the recipe example, it is quite simple; people who want to know how to cook that dish. Have a strategy that addresses your niche or product and provide helpful tutorials using blogs, videos, eBooks, and the like. Once produced, these items become part of your brand.

The Long-Term Return on Investment

An inbound marketing portfolio is essential. The more relevant information you provide and the better the quality of your web design and presentations, the more customers you will attract and keep over a lengthy period. The idea is to build quality from the ground up. The better your focus means, the better your strategy means, and the better your customer attraction.

Some Statistics on Inbound Marketing and ROI

Businesses that invest in an inbound strategy experience a more significant amount of traffic and, hence, customers. The statistics are impressive:

82% of blogs enjoy positive ROI from their inbound marketing strategy. Inbound marketing, properly deployed, is as much as ten times cheaper than outbound marketing. Inbound marketing strategies can reduce costs by over 60% while creating significantly more leads. Customer acquisition via inbound marketing is considerably less expensive than outbound.

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