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SEO principles you may be getting wrong

by | 15 September, 2022 | SEO

The demands for search engine optimization are increasing daily and the potential in small business SEO is similar.

The SEO industry is growing, and by 2027, it’s expected that the business will be worth $1.6 billion.

In recent years, SEO has transformed from a niche practice to a significant source of income—a channel that is being incorporated into general digital tactics and content marketing techniques, even in real estate.

Because of the advancements made by search engines and changes in customer behavior, SEO strategies are continuously changing. Keeping up with the most effective optimization methods for SEO consultants is never simple.

Here are some SEO mistakes that you need to avoid and some SEO principles to follow for real estate.

Common SEO Mistakes You Might Be Doing

Not setting clear SEO goals

Establish your SEO objectives before putting an SEO plan into action. Do you want to strengthen domain authority, boost organic traffic conversions, lower bounce rates, or increase organic traffic?

These are crucial factors to take into account since, without a clear objective, you risk getting results that don’t exactly line up with your business purpose.

Failing to run site audits

You should evaluate the effectiveness of your website from both the user and search engine perspectives by conducting website audits. If you don’t perform routine audits, you can miss important factors that influence your website ranking. Navigation, information accessibility, website speed, and the readability of your content are a few of these elements.

Ignoring mobile traffic

You’re losing out on a lot of visitors if your website isn’t mobile-friendly. People are practically always attached to their mobile gadgets nowadays.

Who isn’t? Almost everything can be done using a smartphone. It makes sense that mobile traffic is progressively overtaking desktop traffic. Incorporate mobile search into your SEO plan. By doing this, you’ll be able to boost website traffic and take advantage of both desktop and mobile traffic.

SEO Tips for Real Estate

Get into the minds of your audience

Although it may sound a little intimidating, understanding the thoughts of your target market enables your company to respond to questions from actual customers. Learn about the four categories of user intent as well:

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Commercial
  • Transactional

Stay up to date with SEO trends

SEO is a lifelong process that is constantly changing. Keep yourself informed of Google algorithm adjustments and SEO trends to keep your website ranked on SERPs.

Getting up to speed can help you immediately adopt adjustments to your SEO approach. Regular updates and tools are available on websites like Search Engine Journal, Moz, Ahrefs, and many others can aid you in your SEO efforts.

Be consistent and adaptable

Be consistent and adaptable if you want to stay ahead of the competition in the digital space. The success of any business depends on these two principles.

Provide your audience with value-adding content on a regular basis. Engage in conversation with them and get their opinions. This will help you produce more content that is relevant to them.

Be adaptable because the SEO algorithm changes frequently. Although algorithms may change regularly, the effort you invest in knowing them can eventually help your small real estate business. It might also be helpful to seek assistance from a real estate SEO consultant.

Looking for an SEO company for real estate?

Top Results Consulting understands SEO for small businesses in various fields, and we’ve proven time and time again that, with the right SEO strategy, small businesses can stand out–even among their medium to large-sized competitors.

Our SEO specialist team consists of expert analysts who can tailor a unique strategy to fit your needs. Whether you’re a bed and breakfast trying to attract tourists outside your state or a burgeoning real estate company that’s poised to make waves in the industry, our strategies are highly specific to cater to what works best to put you in the spotlight.

Are you ready for your website to step into the spotlight of search engine results? Let Top Results Consulting guide you towards the right strategy to meet your business goals.
Visit our pricing page to learn about our different available packages or to learn more about our customizable package offer.

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