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What Latest Search Engine Optimization Trends Should I Be Taking Note Of?

by | 15 June, 2022 | SEO

The goal is simple: to have your business featured on the first search engine results page (SERP). Digital marketing experts and entrepreneurs have proven that search engine optimization (SEO) is the solution. However, the algorithm is constantly evolving and the rules are constantly changing. This raises the question: Is SEO still relevant for your small business today?

 The answer is a clear yes; however, cookie-cutter SEO strategies will no longer cut it. In order to achieve top-ranking SEO performance, your strategy needs to be as updated and adaptive as the digital landscape it’s a part of. To help you keep track of all of these changes, we’ve categorized and compiled a list of the latest SEO trends for 2022.

What do I need to include in my SEO strategy now? 

  • Images and visual content
    • In this growing and fast-paced digital landscape, people no longer have the time to read through long blocks of SEO text. Search engines are adapting accordingly, and visual content is placed front and center. Your website then needs to invest in relevant high-quality visuals, rather than stock images. Moreover, images and videos with SEO-friendly file names and descriptions can increase the rank of a website. 
  • User experience
    • In addition to content quality and keyword usage, ranking success is influenced by the amount of time the user spends on a website that is powered by SEO. As a result, today’s SEO strategies also place a premium on the mobile-friendliness, navigation system, page speed, and format and aesthetic of a website. 
  • Interactive experiences
    • Today’s technological innovations have unlocked new ways to create SEO content. Users are no longer limited to being passive consumers. Quizzes, games, and virtual tours are just some of the formats that can allow users to engage and spend more time on your business’ website. 

How do I make sure my content is SEO-friendly?

  • User intent
    • Content SEO that factors in user intent is currently trending. Today, people scour the internet with intent. They are there with specific questions and concerns in mind. The task for your small business is to format your content in a way where you can provide them with the best possible solution. 
  • EAT Principle
    • An effective SEO for small businesses requires more than just publishing information. In order for your website to rank high, the content that you post should be of high quality. Google’s Search Quality Rater measures this through the EAT Principle, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Keep these three things in mind as you craft your SEO strategy!

What innovations will impact the SEO for my small business

  • Voice search
    • By 2022, more and more people are expected to have a smart speaker in their homes. This would change the way search queries are constructed, and will impact your SEO strategy. For example, typed searches do not follow proper syntax and are often shortened. On the other hand, voice searches would use more natural-sounding sentence construction. 
  • Featured snippets
    • A quick Google search would lead to a varied and dynamic layout. Websites aren’t simply organized in a list, but rather, images and bits of SEO-friendly information are also displayed. These are the featured snippets that can serve as your one way ticket to the first search engine results page. Websites that are structured as lists or Q&As with images are often used as featured snippets. 
  • Predictive search
    • Despite its rollout in 2017, Google Discover is expected to change the way we search online. Without having to type anything on the search bar, this tool will use our behavioral patterns to recommend the most accurate, SEO-friendly content. For small businesses, content quality needs to be managed in order to be ranked by the algorithm. 

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