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Blogging for business, is it worth it?

by | 29 June, 2020 | Website Development

Blogging For Business
Top Results Consulting is encouraging your business to adopt a method of integrating a blog within your business’s website. The addition of blogs on the business’s website can bring in many benefits, and help increase user retention, as well as expanding the user base itself. Including blog content made by professional writers can help search engines put your website higher on the list of results, all while offering a personal element of content with whom users can meaningfully interact.

The Human Touch

Business websites with blogs help the user feel more like they are a part of the business’s community and allow them a medium to engage with your site on a personal level. By including blogs, the readers on your website are given the ability to read content made by people who can be just like them and view written articles that are easy to understand and present information and opinions in an informal and communicable way. People can be turned off by a website because they feel they are a number to the business. Having a blog where writers are producing content written from someone who is not a part of the corporate mindset can help the readers feel more like they are reading a personal account of your business. Plus, this option gives them a sense of familiarity and attachment. Consider the voice of this post and how the author uses quotes and well-written statements while writing for Nintendo to provide the reader with a less-technical reading experience.

Optimizing Those Search Engines

Including blogs on your business’s website does wonder for SEO, and the more articles, the better. Titles, phrases, and words are some of the most foundational factors that help dictate how your business can show up in online searches, and having a blog that produces all three of those things could result in a massive boost to your website’s ranking on the search results. Try searching the title of this article on google and note what sites are on the first page of results. Now try searching for similar keywords and see if those same websites with different articles show up. That is an example of how your business can gain a more extensive reach with its blog, and how it can lead to a growth in its relevance and higher placing in online searches.

Automatic Advertising

Since blogs are natural sources of the presentation of information and opinions related to the content, it’s only natural that they lead to the spread of knowledge and traffic for your website. This kind of content is a source of marketing and advertising and does not require massive campaigns, copious amounts of funding for radio ads, tv spots, or physical media production. Through the power of possessing a blog on your website, you are reaching your users as well as gaining new users through a medium where they are not feeling “marketed.” (Here, Gillette’s websites features blog articles for its users to read) and it is a powerful tool in the current climate where people are switching to ad-free streaming services, listening to personal devices for music on the road, and interacting with graphics through digital devices. Including a blog on your company site is a short-term cost for a long-term payoff, and shows your business is moving with the flow of technology.

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