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Is Wordpress Still The Best CMS? Here’s a Few Others to Consider

by | 30 August, 2022 | Website Development

Many systems, such as WordPress and Wix, have been created to make it simple for business owners to easily develop websites with a professional appearance in light of today’s fiercely competitive online business environment.

The most comprehensive all-in-one solution for online retailers is content management systems (CMS) for eCommerce platforms. Without knowing how to write code or have extensive knowledge of eCommerce design, users can create, update, and publish digital content from their devices to build their website up. Additionally, by utilizing a variety of services like payment gateway connections and inventory management, you may lessen your workload.

Today, WordPress powers over 40% of all websites, making it the most widely used website builder available. That said, WordPress isn’t the only content management system available. Whether you’re on the lookout for a new CMS or are just interested to know what’s out there, below is a brief list of the top CMS options out there.


With its user-friendly design, Wix is a website builder that can take your concept and make it a reality. Whether you’re a startup owner or are looking to set up a website for real estate, Wix is the ideal platform for those without any prior website development skills and only want to showcase your ideas. There won’t ever be any confusion because you can quickly track orders, conversion rates, and revenue.

The wide variety of themes available on Wix is a key factor in the popularity of this website builder. Wix provides its users with a selection of responsive templates. Users can also modify the editor to give their own distinctive flair to any website they design.

Last but not least, Wix is a security business that takes care of everything. An SSL certificate will be automatically assigned to your Wix website, and all of Wix’s staff members are trained to keep an eye out for hacks on all of their servers.


Another hosted CMS platform is Shopify. There is no need for you to purchase hosting, set up any software, or handle backups and upgrades. It offers a simple drag and drop user interface. If you operate both an online and a physical business, you might want to consider this platform.

Through Shopify Payments, the integrated payment system of Shopify, you may accept credit and debit cards. One of Shopify’s default payment processors is also PayPal. There are also numerous extensions and themes available. You may add a variety of features to your online store by purchasing third-party Shopify apps.

Shopify offers live chat, email, phone, and even Twitter help around-the-clock. There is also a ton of documentation available, including online forums as well as written and video lessons on how to troubleshoot common issues.


Another well-liked CMS platform that got its start around the same time as WordPress is Squarespace. The key distinction is that unlike WordPress, Squarespace cannot be downloaded and installed on your own server because it is not open-source.

Squarespace is a hosting provider, blogging platform, and website builder all-in-one. The idea is that after signing up for a subscription, Squarespace will make it simple for you to create a website from scratch. This is obviously helpful if you don’t have any prior web building skills or if you need to get a site up and operating quickly.

Similar to WordPress, you may set up several themes and create websites with text, graphics, and videos.

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Website builders don’t have the comprehensive functionality, content management tools, or customization choices that CMS platforms do.

By using a CMS with the help of website design services, you can totally customize the look and feel of your website, include multimedia in your articles, categorize and tag your content, control multiple users, alter the source code of your website, and much more. Over time, you will eventually be able to create and manage a bigger, more complicated site that can help your business expand.

Professional website development services are what you need to take your business to the next level. Our team at Top Results Consulting has experience working with brands across different industries, and we focus on creating wholly-optimized pages that increase traffic and conversions.

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Similar to WordPress, you may set up several themes and create websites with text, graphics, and videos.

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