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5 New Wordpress Plug-ins We Love Using When Building Websites

by | 30 April, 2022 | Website Development

“Are wordpress plugins in 2022 still essential?”

Of course! Wordpress web development is constantly evolving to provide user-friendly features and fully optimized management tools for back-end use as well. These are all essential to create a website that is amazing to look at, easy to work with, and are excellent at showcasing your services to the best of its ability.

New and old Wordpress plugins are still being used by hundreds of thousands of professionals, and it’s about time you got up to speed! Read on to find out the 5 plugins we’re loving the most, and see how they can benefit you:


If you offer a service that requires booking, you can leave Google Forms in the past! With Amelia, your customers can book your services without a limit and this can be done through unlimited locations, too! You can also track work schedules of all your employees with this useful Wordpress plugin.

Here are some things your customers can do with Amelia:

  • Cancel, change, or make appointments any time, anywhere
  • They can arrange appointments with specific employees
  • Make payments online
  • Receive reminders of appointments
  • Be notified when a future event pops up
  • Schedule events
  • Showcase packages or services

Essential Grid

Are you a design-oriented company proud of the plethora of options you’d like to showcase to your clients? You might think that an amazing gallery setup may be difficult to produce, but this isn’t true with Essential Grid!

Not only does it find a way for you to showcase to the best of your ability, but its variety of screen layouts can help you visualize what you want your online gallery to look like. This is essential if you’re in the fashion, skincare, or beauty industry, so utilize that gallery function to come up with a spectacular layout!

Yoast SEO

Ever wondered how you can get more and more people to read the blog content on your website? This is made quick and easy with Yoast SEO.

No need to worry about how to accurately manage metadata, meta titles, descriptions, keywords, and more when you have Yoast. Using its own ranking system conducive with how Google crawls through websites, it can accurately tell you if your article is ready for publishing or if you will need to apply a few more tweaks to get it ready for SERP. SEO is less of a guessing game and more of a readily applied standard with Yoast SEO


Just like its name may imply, tables may be troublesome to program into your website, so a handy tool like Tablesome can be just the thing you need.

Making easy-to-understand, attractive tables for your website is just one thing Tablesome can do. You can edit, delete, and export stored form entries easily on Wordpress. Table data with contact information can even be used to send emails using SMTP services.

Don’t sleep on Tablesome if you want to present accurate, attractive data to potential clients online.


SEO is again made simple and easy to manage with Wordlift. It’s got its own AI-powered Knowledge Graph, which can do the following for your website:

  • Make your content easier to understand and crawl through.
  • Content is presented to help visitors stay engaged.
  • Your publishing workflow is personalized with a set of APIs.
  • Lastly, the authority, trustworthiness, and expertise of your website is analyzed.

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