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Here’s why your website isn’t getting any hits

by | 30 September, 2022 | Business Growth & Strategy

When you decided to create a website for a real estate business, did you think it would only be a one-time effort? To the dismay of some, having an effective website for your real estate business is a constant piece of work that will need to be maintained, updated, and optimized as time goes on.

If at any point you notice that your site isn’t getting enough visits, your concern is warranted. Lucky for you, Top Results Consulting is here to help explain how to gain more website hits for a real estate business.

Your site isn’t indexed

If your website isn’t showing up in search results, it could be that the site isn’t indexed. If the website is still new, this isn’t a cause for much worry yet. It can take weeks before Google bots can crawl and index your site, making it available to those who search for you or related topics.

If you have an older site that isn’t indexed, check to see if you have any “no index” tags in your code. Having these “no index” tags prevents search bots from crawling and indexing specific pages. While there are some situations where using “no index” tags is appropriate, you should speak with an SEO company to ensure that it is done correctly and doesn’t block pages that you want to rank from showing up in search results.

The site isn’t responsive

While the idea of having a website first came about when only desktop computers could access them, today more and more people are accessing your site on their mobile phones. Today, it’s imperative that a website is both easily accessible and navigable on a phone.

It’s easy to see if your website is responsive, simply visit your site on a phone and see if all the elements and text are readable and in the correct position. To take it a step further, you can use Google Analytics to see where your visitors are coming from and what kind of device they use. If you can see a large number of users are bouncing, especially among those using mobile devices, then something isn’t right in terms of mobile responsiveness.

Your site has a poor UX

If you notice that you’re getting a lot of visitors who leave shortly after landing on your page, regardless of what device they use, then you might have a problem with your User Experience or UX. A website’s UX consists of many different factors but generally speaking, it’s all about how easy it is for a user to read, use, and navigate your website.

The first thing to check is the landing page. Are all of the elements clear and easy to read/view? Would someone without any knowledge of you know how to find the information they’re looking for? Your site should be visually pleasing. And when it comes to site navigation, moving around the site and finding information should be easy and intuitive.

It’s not always easy diagnosing and fixing UX issues, so it’s best to avail of website design services from companies like Top Results Consulting to identify issues with the site and address them appropriately.

Your content doesn’t connect with readers

Lastly, you should also check to see if your content is appropriate for your readers. In many cases, companies will focus on the things they want to say rather than considering what their audience would like to hear or read.

While it’s important that certain information be contained on the website, you should have more content that your audience is looking for to lead them into the site. Once they’re in your website, efficient and organized navigation should be in place to help lead them to other related content that they should know about.

Build the best website for real estate with Top Results Consulting

In the right hands, your website can be your best marketing and lead generation tool for your business. There’s no need to start from square one as Top Results Consulting can help you with premium website development services that ensure a well-performing website that translates into more leads and customers.

What are you waiting for? Visit and get in touch with us to build your perfect website today!

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