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SEO tools to watch out for in Q4 of 2022

by | 15 October, 2022 | SEO

Nowadays, companies strive to leave their mark on digital platforms. Doing so can increase sales, promote consumer growth, and can build a lasting relationship with customers who feel that their loyalty to the brand can be rewarded. Even small businesses can throw their hat in the ring by making effective use of the digital market. Small businesses turn to SEO or search engine optimization for more brand exposure online as professional SEO consultants have the ability to tailor-fit the online experience for any kind of business.

Search engine optimization can be difficult for the casual observer, but with the right amount of time and perseverance, small businesses can capitalize on using the right tools to help grow their brand. Knowing which tools to use can give you a head start in diving into the world of digital marketing and here are some of the best SEO tools you can use in 2022.

Google Suite

Some of the more reliable SEO tools originate from well-known tech company google. Google Analytics is a must-have for many SEO consultants for tracking historical and real-time metrics on the performance of your online presence. Google Analytics provides information on how well your content and campaigns are performing. It is especially important for small businesses who don’t want to jump into paying for ads right away as the analytics can help you get a foothold on your performance.

Using Google tools goes hand-in-hand with making use of Google Search Console. This application allows you to view search data on your use of SEO keywords and their respective ranking on the search engine. It allows you to see how your website or a specific page is doing by providing data based on the number of clicks, impressions and other measurements applicable to your performance.


Another popular tool SEO professionals use is SEMrush due to the multiple functions it offers. Primarily, SEMrush is used for finding keywords and keyword phrases with a database that boasts of over 20 billion keywords and phrases that sets it apart from other competitors. The application can display the monthly metrics on keywords, website rankings, and trends. This versatile tool has a multitude of features such as topic suggestions, writing assistance, and other helpful services.


Similar to the previous entries, Ahrefs is one of the more widely used SEO tools online. This tool can help you monitor your site performance as it can highlight the parts of your website that need improvement in order to increase your ranking on search engines. Ahrefs is lauded for its site audit feature that can help analyze competitor performance and determine what your brand can do in order to promote growth. Ahrefs has seen a meteoric rise in use as this tool has the largest database of backlinks that shows other external sites that have linked to competitor websites and not your own. Using the information from Ahrefs can become instrumental in your foray into SEO optimization for your brand.


Small businesses can opt to use KWFinder when it comes to finding the right keyword for your niche. This SEO tool helps your brand find long-tail keywords that have minimal competition so that your specific service can get more exposure to possible customers looking for your business’ niche. You can discover specific keyword combinations to improve upon your website ranking. On top of this, the tool provides you the ability to help you determine your ranking based on specific metrics.


SEO for small businesses can help establish a strong presence on digital platforms where you can organically drive traffic to your website and increase your customer base because of online exposure.

If you are in the market for SEO consultants for real estate in 2022, look no further and contact Top Results Consulting. As a professional search engine optimization company, Top Results Consulting is your key to customizing your company’s online experience to cater to both the needs of your brand and the needs of your customers.

Top Results Consulting is a trusted real estate SEO company that can help contribute to your business’ growth online and offline in 2022. Small business SEO consulting is our forte, and we can help build your online presence from the ground up. Contact Top Results Consulting today and create the perfect online real estate experience using the best tools in 2022.

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