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Here’s how you can launch new kind of content for your real estate brand

by | 25 November, 2022 | Content Marketing

Marketing anything work online will always require content. However, consistently coming up with interesting content can be difficult, especially if you’ve been doing it for a while. While other companies hire a blogging service or content marketing services, others may not have the capability to do so.

If this sounds like you, we’re here to help. This article is all about how to launch new content for real estate brands while making sure you have the results you need. We’ll break it down in a few easy steps, so you know exactly what to do.

Define goals & audit content

The first thing you want to do to improve your content marketing is to define your goals. What are you trying to do with all the content you’re publishing on your website and social media pages? Are you building awareness of your company or trying to bring in more new customers? Figuring out your goals in the short, medium, and long term can help you figure out what kind of content you should create for your audience.

If you’ve already been creating and publishing content, it’s also a good idea to audit them. See what kinds of content work with your audience; what gets a lot of engagement or what leads to sales? If you have certain kinds of content types or topics that are especially effective, try doing more of these kinds of posts.

Research your audience

The second phase in creating an effective content marketing strategy is to research your audience. If you know what your goals are as an organization, you can better pinpoint who you should be talking to in order to achieve these goals. Try asking the following the questions:

  • What age are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • What do they care about?
  • What challenges do they face?
  • Does this person have a family?
  • What life stage are they in?

When you’re able to correctly identify your audience, what they need, and what challenges they face, you can communicate with them better and offer help or information.

Brainstorm and select content types

After setting your goals and knowing your audience, the fun part comes. It’s now time to brainstorm and think of the different topics you can talk about with your audience.

Your natural inclination may be to dive into the technical real estate topics you find elsewhere online. Resist the impulse. There is a ton of stuff on the internet, much of it rehashed and not all that original. If you copy what others are doing, you will have an uphill battle when it comes to generating search traffic. Focus on your niche instead. What subjects are unique to your audience and brand?

The answer for real estate agents might be your local and regional knowledge. You continuously look into and monitor the development of specific communities in your region. Utilize that knowledge to create unique content that sticks out.

Plan, publish, and monitor

When you’ve built a decent bank of content ideas and topics, it’s time to build a content plan. A content plan is key to a successful content marketing strategy. This plan simply outlines what topics you’ll focus on, what kind of posts or content you’ll make for this topic, where it will be posted, and when.

Where to launch content for real estate will be highly dependent on your audience and the kind of content you’re posting. Whether it’s a website or social media platform, each will be better suited for a specific kind of content. Videos will do well on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, while blog posts are better off in your website. Regardless of your content or platform, you will also need to make sure that your audience is actually using the platform.

Once you’ve posted any content, keep an eye on it and its performance. Note what works and what doesn’t and regularly asses the content you publish to see if it’s still effective or if you need to refresh things.

Master content marketing with Top Results Consulting

Perfecting your content marketing alongside running a business will always be difficult. That’s why it’s best to get the help of a professional digital marketing company like Top Results Consulting. We are a content marketing company that offers content marketing and blogging services for a wide range of real estate clients.

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