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On-Page Blogs: The Oldest Content Marketing Trick in the Book

by | 22 April, 2022 | Content Marketing

“Why use on-page blogs when everyone else is posting on social media? Isn’t that more efficient?”

This is a common question that people tend to ask when wondering why content marketing for websites still needs the power of on-page blogs. Little do they know, a website with highly optimized on-page blogs for SEO can still deliver the kind of results they’re looking for, especially if the right audience searches for their services on Google.

The oldest trick in the book is still a marketing powerhouse. Here are some of the reasons why you should fully optimize your on-page blogs:

Blogging drives traffic to your website

Think about a good website lately you’ve looked at when you wanted to know more about the product you decided to buy. A few factors stand out, right? They may include a great UI to browse through, a complete catalog of products, and lots and lots of content.

Your website will definitely look more credible if you keep updating it with on-page blogs that are not only well-written, but filled with relevant information that will appeal to your target market.

Think of it as one more indexed page on your average search engine results page or SERP. Traffic can organically come to you if your blogs are a) relevant and b) correctly optimized for Google.

Attract new prospects and clients

Search is a powerful tool simply because you’re attracting people who want to look for you, specifically. Ads are powerful in themselves, but because of how invasive they can be, people can opt to exit the ads they see or block them completely.

A combination of meta descriptions, keywords, titles, and other SEO optimization tools can hand your business to the right customer simply with the power of search. And because they want to look for you, why wouldn’t they be interested, right?

Useful comments can give you great ideas

The quality of your blog can only be improved by a dynamic audience who is eager to communicate with you. Let’s say your blog becomes really popular and resonates with many. It may be exhausting to look at comments when they first come in, but you can actually get a better idea of what kind of content your audience wants just by reading what they have to say.

If someone makes a suggestion, listen to them. It helps if you have a dedicated community manager who can reply to relevant comments quickly. Your audience knows what they want, so you better be listening!

Let Google crawl through your content

Google is the juggernaut of search engines. 3.5 billion searches happen on Google per day and 75% of successful clicks happen ‘cause these sites are on the first page of Google search.

Google’s brilliance lies not in employing lots of talented writers to come up with content for them, but rather, spotting the products of these writers’ efforts already in hundreds and thousands of websites. While hiring blog writers, always ask them how much they understand Google search after you get a portfolio of their work. From there, you can see whether they can provide you with the results you’re looking for.

Blog content can be repurposed for social media

Because of how vast the internet is, understand that not every person you’re targeting looks at your social media and your blog content at the same time. Therefore, linking out to your blog through social media or repurposing blog content for social media posts are always good ideas to keep in your idea bank.

Information on your blog may be fresh and useful for your social media audience, while new readers on your blog could also benefit from things you’ve learned from cultivating your social media. The two aren’t enemies and actually complement each other!

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