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New Content Strategies You Can Follow for Your Website this 2022

by | 27 March, 2022 | Content Marketing

In recent years, most businesses, including real estate companies, have transitioned to digital to be able to reach more potential buyers and sellers. If you’re new to the digital real estate industry, you’re not alone. Perhaps you’ve been employing some tried-and-tested content strategies on your real estate website and have seen some minor improvements.

A new year brings about a new wave of marketing strategies to keep the ball rolling. Many of these changes are subtle, while others may be entirely new ways of achieving successful results and reaching more of your target market. Keep up with the times by trying out a couple of content strategies to improve traffic and engagement on your real estate website.

Here are the new content strategies for real estate businesses you should look out for (and try!) this 2022.

2022 Content Marketing Trends for Real Estate

  • Long-form content is King

Search engines have been found out to prefer long-form content over short-form content in 2021, so this trend will understandably continue into 2022. Since search engines put a premium on websites with content that genuinely help searches with their queries, high-quality, long-form content is more likely to be noticed rather than vapid clickbait articles. You’re better off with well-researched, high-quality content pieces than articles that are short and fluffy.

  • Mobile technology matters

Of course, aside from the usual form and content of your articles, you shouldn’t forget to have them optimized for mobile use. A lot of online users are mobile users, so all of your content should be optimized for their ease of use and viewing. In fact, up to 60% of searches in 2021 were from mobile devices, including an estimated 50% of B2B inquiries. For real estate businesses, this is a huge deal, because a lot of their mobile viewers are looking up listings in specific locations.

  • Optimization of old articles

2022 brings about the optimization of old articles. So if your website has old articles using short-form, don’t scrap them just yet! You can still salvage these articles and optimize them to create better content. A little keyword research here and a little competitor research there, a little tweaking in the content, and voila! You have a “new” article that is easier to write and publish than creating a new one. Plus, you didn’t have to waste old content.

  • Abundance of video content

As search technology and natural language processing abilities improve, video content is expected to rise and become a standard content marketing strategy. Not only is it easier to convey complex concepts using a video format, but it’s also often more interactive and easy to stream while you’re multitasking or on the go. Perfect for today’s easily-distracted consumer.

  • Increase of interactive content

Several studies in recent years show that the use of interactive content over static content optimizes the audience experience, gaining their attention and keeping them on the webpage longer. Creating interactive content suitable for all the different phases along the buyer’s journey continues to be a trend even today. Interactive content has the enormous potential for engaging customers, gaining their attention, keeping them on your website longer, improving preference for your business, and eventually increasing your conversion rate in 2022.


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