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How To Write An SEO Optimized On-Page Blog For Your Website

by | 20 May, 2022 | SEO

Creating your first SEO-optimized blog can be a little bit daunting if this is your first foray into the SEO industry. Not to worry though, ‘cause content optimization for websites is pretty easy to get the hang of once you have the right information and tools at your disposal!

Below, we compiled a quick list of the top 5 things you need to remember before you create your first SEO-optimized on-page blog for your website. Keep these in mind whenever you get to writing, and your content will be ranked up accordingly on Google in no time!

Create a specific structure for your blog

The best way to combat writer’s block is to immediately start structuring your article into different parts. You can follow the traditional format of Intro, Body, and Conclusion if you wish, but understand that there are different ways you can structure an article.

Try to find an SEO blog you appreciate related to a topic you like. Try to break it down and see how many words are allotted per section. This can give you an idea of a format you can easily turn to if you’re feeling particularly clueless. Plus, your article will flow easily when read if its structure is clean and compact.

Identify your target audience

Whether you’re handling a single client or preparing to onboard a lot of new ones for your SEO work, understand that you’re working with a different target audience for each. The more detailed you can get with identifying who they are, what they spend their time doing, what their interests are, etc., the more you can produce content that caters to them specifically.

Try creating specific buyer personas for each target market, with psychographics, demographics, and buying behaviors mapped out. Make it easily accessible to any writer you need to work with, so writing content for them becomes a no-brainer.

Headlines should pack a punch

Think of an SEO-optimized article as a kind of grocery list of information. You’re lucky if your audience will read everything, but sometimes people just need a specific paragraph or two to get the kind of information they need.

Headlines that are catchy, interesting, and straight-to-the-point can direct your audience to your content faster than it takes for your competition to get ahold of their attention spans. A great way to help your blog rank up is to incorporate the keywords you need directly into the headline. This will make it easier for Google to crawl through your content.

Keyword research is everything

Making use of professional tools like DemandJump can help you find the best keywords to build your entire article around. They should be in prominent places such as the intro, conclusion, and around your headlines for Google to pay the right amount of attention to them when it’s time to rank up your content.

Generally, here are some qualities a good keyword should have:

  • Directly related to your business
  • Are searched often, monthly!
  • Targeted by your competition
  • Not dominated by sites that can’t be outranked
  • Used by searchers that match your business goals

Keep this guide in mind while searching for the right keywords!

Paragraphs should be short and simple

Understand that your audience isn’t looking for loads of content, but easy answers to their questions. Try to keep your paragraphs at a succinct 100-200 words per section, especially if you want to get to the gist of things right away.

You want to create articles that are short enough, but not too short that your audience won’t find any relevant information from your posts. Finding the right word count to suit your content can easily get more and more users scrolling through your blog more often than not. The shorter, the better.

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