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Instagram vs. Tiktok? What’s The Better Option For Small Business Marketing?

by | 13 May, 2022 | Social Media Marketing

When looking at Instagram vs. TikTok debacle, one question may come to mind: Should I turn to Instagram for marketing or TikTok for marketing? What is the better choice for my brand?

The answer: It depends, but looking at both platforms objectively can help you come to an answer. Social media for a small business clearly matters, but it’s what you do with your online strategy that’s going to help you yield results.

Below, we compare and contrast both TikTok and Instagram algorithms to help you understand which platform can be best for your brand. Read on to find out more:

Instagram stories bring currency to your brand

One thing Instagram may be arguably doing better than other brands is bringing stories to the front of their feed. IG is becoming less and less like a collection of perfectly curated photos and becoming a more holistic social media platform. People like looking at accounts that show quick, digestible content that isn’t limited to photos you can take.

Take advantage of IG stories and use them to do two things: 1) post CTAs to check out your links and 2) use its interactivity to gain valuable audience insights. Even a simple IG quiz would do.

Track TikTok videos with analytics

One advantage of getting a TikTok business account is that you will have access to a wide array of analytics that can help you figure out what works for your brand and what doesn’t. Once you take advantage of these in-depth metrics, you can then interview potential creators to collaborate with and see if their videos can level up your content.

Creators on TikTok have a deep understanding of the platform and what works for it, and are ideal influencers for branding. Trends on TikTok may not fly anywhere else, so tapping these creators can significantly up your content on people’s For You pages.

Influencer campaigns on Instagram resonate with millennials

Because Instagram is no longer simply a platform for sharing photos, more and more users are enjoying additional features like reels and stories. Influencers are more active on Instagram than ever, and expect more varied content from them that complement IG’s new features, too!

The primary audience influenced by influencer campaigns on Instagram are still millennials, and although gen z is a consumer base on the rise, millennials still have more spending power than their younger counterparts. Not all millennials want families too, and are happily enjoying spending on themselves. Therefore, don’t be afraid to market to 25-35-year-old millennials with influencer marketing.

Get high organic reach on TikTok

Don’t have the budget for a full-blown ad campaign? Turn to TikTok to get high returns for organic content.

This is what TikTok thrives on and why so many new users are attracted to the platform. Content is challenged by the algorithm to remain not just relevant, but trendy enough to be viewed by many in just a few seconds. On average, expect higher organic reach on TikTok than Instagram just based on how new and focused on audience-building TikTok naturally is.

Gauge how much time you need to create content before you decide

This is an important question to answer. Naturally, being a platform that thrives on video, TikTok videos take some time to create and usually need a full team of content creators or influencers to consistently produce videos. This may entail more costing on your end.

Although reels on Instagram are relatively new, you don’t have to post them often to maintain an Instagram account. You have the choice of just creating static posts and stories. This makes IG easier to maintain, and the choice is entirely up to you. Research both platforms accordingly so you can see what you have the capacity for. Your followers will thank you!

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