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The Latest Updates In The Google Algorithm And How They Affect SEO

by | 6 May, 2022 | SEO

The best way to keep your content as relevant as possible is to thoroughly check out the latest Google algorithm updates so you can tailor your content to suit search demands. The latest SEO algorithms by Google are designed to push irrelevant content back and bring quality content back up, so your brand’s efforts can be rewarded accordingly.

But how do we adapt to the current updates? Below, we break down the Google SEO algorithm for you with appropriate tips you can apply to get your content so it can reach the audience you’ve been targeting all along.

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New criteria for good content has been released

According to Google, here is how the new algorithm intends to affect product reviews online:

Unique information is key

Product reviews need to include more details regarding the user experience. These details include visuals, links, audio, and other relevant information.

Compare products

Users need to see what makes your product stand apart from its competition.

Get real testimonies

If you can feature real people who’ve used your products, all the better!

In-depth details must be included

Specify how the product has improved over time along with pros, cons, and further details on how to specifically use the product.

Quality sites will get rewarded in search

Have you ever fallen into the trap of producing templated content? Do your articles look drastically similar to each other or have you taken to using AI to help generate your content? It’s best to leave these old habits behind when trying to rank up in Google search.

Google is steadily getting better and better at spotting templated content. They won’t fault you for using multiple sources to supplement your content, but you need to make sure that your content does not resemble the content you’re referencing. If it does, Google may think of your content as just another templated blog and bump it further down search.

Expect certain swings in traffic

As early as March 18, 2022 at around 7 AM ET, multiple users have been reporting drastic fluctuations in traffic surrounding their content. As of this writing, Google has not released an official statement regarding this, but it’s safe to say that these testimonies are credible considering the sheer number of users reporting this issue.

Some users are reporting as much as a 40% drop in website traffic that quickly recuperates, and doesn’t particularly affect a specific type of content. Given this, it’s best to have contingency plans in place to up traffic in case a surprise drop happens.

The initial rollout will affect product reviews

Core updates will take a few weeks to roll out, and the first articles affected will be product reviews. Knowing this, it’s best to review all of your product review content to make sure they are quality enough to get bumped up in search.

Edit and reframe content if you see fit, but most importantly, make sure that the writers behind these reviews are kept up-to-date with Google’s latest algorithm shift to prevent new content from looking incredibly similar to content you’ve produced over the last few months.

Product reviews written by experts will get bumped up by Google
In-depth product reviews written by industry experts are bound to experience a traffic spike thanks to Google’s latest updates. This is your cue to hire writers who know their stuff and have significant experience in the industry they’re writing for!

Not only should their content be supplemented by existing research, but must contain their own professional insights regarding the products they’re reviewing. Just remember that Google can call bluffs more often than not now, so investing in expert opinions is a good next step towards climbing up that search ladder!

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