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The Social Media Calendar: Why Scheduling Your Posts in Advance is an Advantage

by | 20 December, 2021 | Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, social media management goes beyond just posting content on your social media pages. In order to succeed online, you need a good social media strategy. But no matter how good your strategy is, without an organized document like a social media calendar, it may not be executed properly.

What is a social media calendar?

A social media calendar is a documentation of the scheduled pieces of content that you will be posting on your social media channels. This serves as your team’s guide for content, including images, copy, captions, and hashtags to be used.

Having this document makes it easier for your team to maintain your social media channels. You’ll spare yourself the hassle of coming up with the topic right before it’s time to get down to work and write your next post as the deadline is looming large.

Here are some benefits of having one.


Organization and Tracking

A content calendar gives you a better perspective of your overall strategy. It also allows you to keep track of performance, to see what is working and what is not, making it easier for you to address content gaps. Of course, with a plan in place, it also helps your team keep track of deadlines.

Maintains Consistency

In order to be keen on your audience’s radar, you have to consistently offer them value-adding and relevant content. Irregular posting might make your audience forget your efforts. Having a social media calendar helps you create a consistent voice and flow of content that is aligned with your strategy.

Balances Posts on Each Social Media Channel

Social media management across your online channels involves more than just posting the same content on each platform. With each having a different algorithm, tailoring your content depending on the platform would be beneficial to your brand. A social media calendar can help you organize the custom messages that you craft for each channel.

Great for brainstorming

Having a planning document with everyone having access can encourage a creativity surge within your team, helping you select better topics.

Improves Efficiency and Lessens Stress

Having a social media calendar makes your life easier by reducing the need to decide on content every single day. Studies such as the one from Content Marketing Institute says that 60% of social media marketers with a documented strategy scored themselves as highly effective as compared to 32% of marketers with only a verbal strategy.

Not all social media calendars are created the same, though. According to Social Media Today, here are some characteristics that you have to look out for especially if you will be availing of social media services.

  • Easy to read and contains all the information for your content marketing strategy.
  • Includes icons representing each network next to the title of the post.
  • Has a separate sheet for each month, with each activity broken down by day and time.
  • Reflects who will be responsible for the execution of each content.

Online social media management comes with its challenges, but getting started with a social media calendar can help you ease into it. There are also a lot of online social media management tools that you could also use. If you have a specific niche, you may also want to avail of services from a consultation agency.

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