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The Ultimate Guide to Sales and Marketing

by | 26 April, 2021 | Content Marketing

Some things just obviously go together, just like football and pitch. In the same way, sales and marketing go together. In fact, sales and marketing is the jelly and peanut butter of your company. However, the two terms are more critical than you think.

Simply put the alignment between sales and marketing has always been about focusing on the customer, and today, the customer’s buying behavior has changed significantly. Fortunately, the better you can align your sales and marketing teams, the more likely your business will delight a prospect. In fact, businesses with closely aligned sales and marketing teams are 7% more likely to exceed their revenue targets.

However, in this article, we are going to explore why sales and marketing matter to a company and, equally importantly, why they matter together. Let’s proceed.

Definition of Sales and Marketing

Marketing is a process of getting people interested in your company’s product or services. Sales, on the other hand, can be defined as any activity involved in selling the product or services to the consumers. Therefore, one cannot exist without the other.

You cannot sell without if you haven’t initially ignited interest in the consumer through marketing. In the same way, you cannot be a marketer if you don’t have a team to sell the product after you’ve captured the attention of the consumers.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

If you want to truly delight your customers, it is vital that you reduce friction by devising a strategy to align your marketing and sales teams. For example, you can ask your marketing team and your sales team to work together and create a buyer persona, or document the buyer’s journey.

Although it might seem like the two teams have different measurements of success, their goal should be aligned. They must be customer-centric in anything they do, even at the expense of their individual processes. Sales and marketing team alignment can help your company become 70% better at closing deals, and can help generate around 210% more revenue from marketing.

Document Content Gaps along a Buyers Journey

Your sales and marketing teams should take the time to compile everything both teams have designed to help answer the customer’s problem. This could include white paper, infographics, e-books, case studies, and email streams. After that, each employee from each team can then have a candid discussion about the missing piece of the organization. This might be a tedious process; it will help both teams become effective in their strategies over the long term.

Keep Track Of Every Interaction Your Customer Has With Your Company

Adhering to this step is one of the most critical strategies you should implement. It helps to eliminate friction for the customers, and it also helps your sales team close more deals. It is vital to find a way to keep track of the type of interaction your customers have with your company.

Be Customer-Centric With Your Language

It is common for most marketers and salespeople to use different languages and rely on different analytics to measure success. A marketer’s measure of success might be on the number of Facebook likes, while that of the salesperson is measured by the revenue generated. To align both teams together, make them focus on the customer. With this in mind, your teams will find it easy to blur the line between their individual tasks and recognize their unified desire to solve customer’s challenges.
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