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Useful Tips To Better Align Sales And Marketing Teams: Entrepreneur’s Diet

by | 3 May, 2021 | Content Marketing

Although the sales and marketing teams of a company share the same ultimate objective of converting customers, they find it notoriously difficult to work together. However, one of the key elements that make a successful business is getting the marketing and sales team to share ideas and goals while working together to attain those objectives.

The successful alignment of these two teams means that one department can capitalize on the groundwork laid by the other. You can imagine a scenario where the marketing team interacts with consumers and build up their expectations, and the sales team takes it from there to turn the hype into closed deals. Hence, the alignment of the sales and marketing teams plays a pivotal role in the success of any business. For this reason, we have come up with this article to discuss the ways you can get your sales and marketing teams to work together. Let’s explore more.


Set Common Goals

The key is to heighten communication between the sales and marketing teams to achieve a common goal. And the first step toward success is to change the strategy to do account-based marketing for the marketing team and account-based targeting for the sales team. It makes the goals clear and well-defined for both teams and drives them to work together.

Ensure Constant Communication

Make your sales team provide feedback weekly, if not daily, to your marketing team and vice versa. This will ensure that they are sending the right message to prospective customers and that the customers are receiving it.

Unite Both Teams around Data

Using data to underpin the goal of both marketing and sales can be beneficial. This can be used as a collaborating factor to make both teams come together around. Marketing campaigns that are data-driven have proven to have meaningful insight, enabling sales teams to become hyper-focused. The result will be increased trust between marketing and sales teams and improved marketing and sales.

Follow the HAIL Method

The acronym HAIL stands for honesty, authenticity, integrity, and love. Following this method is a great way of aligning teams. When marketing and sales teams understand the company’s vision by applying this method, morale and productivity will boost exponentially.

Have a Shared Measure of Success

You can neither control nor measure what you can’t manage. The key to managing alignment is to have a shared measure of performance success. You can leverage the commercial ratio and calculate annual net revenue growth by annual sales and marketing spend. This productivity measure is designed to ensure sustainable growth and breakthrough silos.

Ensure Teams Are Familiar with the Core Vision

Sales and marketing teams should be familiar with the core vision and value of the product or service they are selling. An in-depth understanding of common use cases and why the customers need the Product Help Marketing and sales teams stay aligned and on track.

Define Roles, Goals, and Handoffs

As much as possible, clearly define the goals, roles, and handoff between the organization, and try to break up silos. The marketing team should sit in on customer calls, and the sales team should think through messaging and awareness. The alignment will come from trust, empathy, understanding, and having each other’s backs.

Adopt a Common Sales Methodology

This is key to organizational alignment. It involves using a shared set of terminology and tools across the organization. When the sales and marketing teams are aligned with a customer focus, they work toward a common goal of delivering value to customers.

Align Their Metrics and Incentives

Align your marketing and sales teams by connecting their metrics and incentives. Also, align their bonuses and give them similar supporting metrics. Put in a little bit of team building, and you will get them all trending the same path.

Ensure Your Sales Team Know How Your Clients Buy

Your sales team should know how your clients buy and work together with the marketing team to understand what influences customers to make a purchasing decision.

Aim of Unity

Make it clear to the teams that unity is what you strive for. Marketing teams can provide the sales team with content and messaging that actually compels customers and prospects. This would boost teamwork between the two teams, and their interest will be aligned in the process.
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