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Paul Broding Photography

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Paul Broding Photography

Paul Broding, a jack-of-all-trades professional from San Diego, CA with a passion for photography and a love of vintage work. His services range from portrait photography to scenic landscape prints many have adored hanging in their home or office. He is also the creator of the YouTube channel, Dreamland PBP, where he helps aspiring photographers find the perfect shot no matter the occasion or environment.

Paul Broding Photography


Proposed Solutions



Paul Broding subscribed to our Foundations package to get his website designed and developed with conversions and SEO in mind.


He has been very consistent in attending the Monday group training sessions to help increase his knowledge of what he needs to do to dominate his niche.

Action Plan

Now that Paul is clear on who his target audience is, he is now in the process of performing keyword research and creating valuable content for his website.


Our Results And Goals

Paul Broding’s main goal when he came to Top Results Consulting was to get a better website and learn how to use that digital asset to generate more leads for this photography business. The first goal we set for Paul was to clearly understand who his target audience was and the specific services we wanted to offer.

Once we identified the audience and his core services, we then educated Paul on how to use some data research tools to find keywords and content topics that his target audience is currently searching for on Google.

Our ultimate goal for Paul is for him to build out an organized content strategy that will provide valuable information to his readers, which will help attract potential clients to his website using the inbound marketing strategy.